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  • what wide bar with BIG SWEEP
  • I like the salsa whammy bar, but I also love the 23 degree sweep salsa bend 2 bars.

    The whammy is super wide at 780 which suits my manley stature.

    How ever my gaye wrists mean I am much happier with a sweepy bar.

    So who makes a big sweep big width bar?

    Or does anyone make a bar width extension? An expanding plug that adds a few cm? Have I just invented something?

    (thanks in advance for your help)

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    How about 720? Answer 20/20?

    One review I read said that “it’s the same shape as my beloved Ben 2”

    big time dorrar spendy though.

    Thanks, but the salsa bend2s are 710… looking for 780 ish.


    I have long thought that some form of grip that acts as bar extension would do well.

    Wouldn’t take much to stick some carbon fibre tube under the grip / over the end of the bar and then a clamp on one end. It would make your grips that bit bigger but then it might appear to the gorilla proportioned riders anyway? Assuming your average grip is 12 cm wide you could easily add 6cm to each end making any old style 64ish wide bar a 76 wide beast! Is there anything like this out there?

    ODI make extensions that screw in to their own bars only… and their bars are not funky sweeps. But all i need is a bar end plug that is 3cm wide.

    Mmmm who do I know with a cnc machine?

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa

    i use the RF atlas

    785 mm width, 8° rearward, 4° upward with a 1/2 inch rise, quite like it

    nice bars but lolokimng for 20 something degree of sweep.

    Do I have to become a bar manufacturer now?


    Dirt mag had some bar extenders in last year. Search on their site. They weighed as much as a house I think.

    Could you live with a far more sensible 750?



    30″ wide Jonesque bars for me please Charlie! 😉

    Premier Icon sanername

    I’d buy some of these in a second…

    I have some 800 bars which I love for the width, but their naff all bend gives me major wrist ache so I generally use Salsa Promoto, but they’re only 710.


    Sunline 762 has a fair bit of sweep – 11deg IIRC.


    Syntace do a 740mm bar with a 12 degree back sweep. Nice bar, I’m running one.


    Charlie, I did some sketches of ways to make a bar extending grip a while back while looking for something I would be confident with…but just ended up getting a set of Easton Havoc carbons 😀

    I was wondering about seeing if someone who makes small parts were interested in making them but the problem is you could argue that bars are designed for a specific length and this bending moment. I’m sure most would be fine though, unless you try doing DH on them with the extensions. I settled on a combination of your idea and uwe-r’s one. Look up motorcycle bar end thingies.


    groovy cycleworks luv handles. can cutom make to your width and look trick!

    26-28″ wide plus $15 to make them as wide as you want!, steel or Ti, and 21.5 degree sweep prices from $95.00 to lots and lots for custom etched and blasted Ti

    oh hello tazzy….. that is sexy.
    they aint cheap, but…. nor am I!

    pop larkin

    They’re nicer than my love handles that’s for sure!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I had a look at those, but I want a bit more rise. I wonder if they’d do something special?

    one way to find out…

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    I was keen to get flat bars from Seven with a 20ish sweep and 750 wide. Not too bad at $150 but the shipping was about the same again so killed that idea.
    If you had an address to post them to in the states and someone heading over the pond then it would be a bit more reasonable.

    Getting on fine with my bend 2’s meantime though

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    and re: the luv handles, 28″ = 672mm, although someone reckons they’re 711mm (?)


    set of 17 degree rawland bull moose

    Premier Icon composite

    I was in the same predicament as you Charlie but I stuck with the Salsa Bend2. In fact I bought the one for my ridgid from you. 🙂

    Saw these on American Chopper earlier, 32″ wide 25 deg, I think its a bmx stem that fits motocycle bars but someone will correct me in true stw fashion

    or these bad boys, these take a 1″ stem,

    Fleegles? if 16 deg sweep is enough. Comfiest bars I’ve used.

    Got a set of Bontrager Crivitz you could try. 25 deg sweep I think but probably not quite wide enough.


    and re: the luv handles, 28″ = 672mm, although someone reckons they’re 711mm (?)

    custom width can be any size you order


    Now I’m not taking the piss here, but why would you want anything 780 in width? And why are those bars angled funny like?
    Shirley a decent set of flats 720 would suffice no??

    What are the benefits..?

    Bear in mind I’ve never ridden anything “fat” nor “niche”

    Phah. 😆

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    take a look at the Budnitz Ti riser bar

    Budnitz Titanium Riser Bar

    Don’t call me Shirley.

    Wide because
    I am bigger and wider than most
    Gives you more climbing leverage
    Gives you more resistance to being knocked offline.
    They are going on a surly krampus where everything is big

    Sweep because..
    My wrists are ruined so it more comfortable.
    It’s a more natural hand position.

    Jeff jones says…
    “The sweep matches your natural hand and wrist positions creating a stronger hand and body position. With an H-Bar, your weight is evenly distributed across the width of your hand instead of being focused at the out side edge of your hand, the main cause of finger numbness. This ‘even grip pressure’ on the bar allows a better, more secure grip on the bar. This is especially nice if you chose to ride a fully rigid bike. The many and varied hand positions greatly reduce hand numbness and wrist pain. The H-Bar also reduces back pain since it has a range of hand positions from rear to front. This range allows you to move around and stretch your back. This is a bar you can ride all day.

    Read More: http://www.jonesbikes.com/h-bar.html#ixzz2Mc2WwRFx

    Bang on Steve Makin… That’s the ones… Hooooo freaking ray….


    Charlie,don’t they have trees ‘darn sarf’ ? htf do you hope to ride any woody cheeky trails with mahoosive bars ? get some Jones’ on there,you big gurl 😉


    Thanks Charlie, I understand all of that.

    Just wondering like, thinking something wide, flat, riser stem, long stem would suffice..
    That’s all.

    Still have to say I’m keeping a close eye on the fatties, drop bars in a cyclocross stylee and 1×10 and could be tempted.

    Ta very muchly,

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Charlie, did you find a custom option on the budnitz bars?

    I can only see “Bar Width: 680mm”

    Keen for the same thing, as you know! Thanks for putting the thread up, I’ve realised that given the alternatives (especially inc shipping + taxes on the US ones) the price on the 20/20s isn’t so ridiculous after all.


    Tazzy, I’ve had a couple of pairs of Luv Handles, great bars and a nice quality feel about them. Different angles to H bars but same principle.

    Also the Luv Handles are on a 3 month waiting list 🙁

    Gonna try these bar enwideners

    quick update…. fitted these deluxe plugs to my salsa bend 2 bars. spent £18, and added about 32mm (total… 2x16mm) to my bars taking them to around 74cm wide.

    Job done.

    Stocking them in the shop from now on.

    Thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it… and one day i will get my luv bars.


    only good when wearing skinny jeans though…


    Charlie, where did you get the bar wideners from?

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