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  • What wheelsize for a new bike?
  • MoseyMTB

    I can’t see them stopping 26″ when there is such a user base.

    650b looks the most interesting to me but at 5ft7 I’m totally happy on 26″ wheels.


    650b is closer to 26″ than 29″ I think.

    tbh if I was buying a whole new bike I would just get 650b as it’s where the market is heading (unless everyone does a U-turn back to 26″).

    I love my 29er and I love my 26er. I use them for different types of riding. If I was to replace a bike with a 650b it would be the 26″ not the 29″ one.


    Looking at new full suss bikes as mine is dying.

    Was wondering what wheel size people would go for. Largely I’m not that bothered about how much better a 29er is supposed to roll compared to a 26er. My biggest concern is that I don’t believe the bike industry will support 3 wheel sizes in the future so at least one is going to lose out. I would be after a do it all bike to do everything from xc racing, all day mountain trips (lakes and cheviots), trail centres, and endurance racing. Currently I do this on a stumpjumper fsr 140mm so something similar to this. So far I have kept my bikes for 4 to 5 years.

    29ers all seem to be quite racey with steep angles etc. I know a few are coming out that are more generic suited to what I want and these seem the obvious choice. It would also be possible to mix and match with my commuter and cx as these are effectively the same size.

    26er- I like em but choices are running out. I still can’t see this standard disappearing because so many people have so many bikes in this size. Also I have lots of tyres and wheels available.

    27.5″ Seems to becoming more popular but will it replace a 26″ standard? Seems too close to the 29er.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Try some bikes get the one you like the most when you need new tyres have a look what size you’ve got.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    By a ^50B / 27.5 inch if you can’t find a 26″ you like and then when in a few years time the industry starts trying to flog 26ers to everyone again you can safely put a 26″ wheel in with larger tyres and the rolling circumference will be exactly the same as what you had before.

    Alternatively by a 26er with plenty of clearance (and Fox Forx IIRC) and when you can’t buy 26″ bits anymore buy some 650B/27.5″ wheels and stick slightly smaller tyres on and you will have exactly the same rolling circumference as had before.

    Or, buy a 29er and hope trends don’t change in the foreseeable future.


    Danny B

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’d get the bike you like most regardless of wheel size.


    Love my 650b.
    Spent years on 26” an 29” but was never happy with either.
    27.5” came along and thought I’d give it a try. Perfect!
    Probably a combination of good geo as well as wheelsize.
    Worked for me at 5’9”.

    Everyones different though. I’ve got friends who are 6’4” and love 26” and 5’6” who love 29”. Just give them all a shot and see what you gel with (before choosing 650b 😛 ).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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