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  • what wheelset- £150 new/2nd hand
  • danielgroves

    People will be able to give you better recommendations for what to get if you tell them what your planning on using the wheelset for. What bike, what type of riding?

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    It does have to be said I’ve got a nice set of wheels for sale, but they have a 15mm front hub….

    £150 is the going rate for used Hope Pro 2 with decent rims, and is the default/most popular choice. Always a few sets in the classifieds, theres some there with mavic 321 rims and a price drop at the moment (not the seller).

    Pro2s are adaptable to every axle/dropout standard, but can suffer snapped axles on 12mm as the axle thickness is a bit marginal, worsened by using a maxle lite which is tapered and offers no support where the bearing sits. The newer Pro 2 Evo solves this but is more expensive.

    Our bikes all have Hope hubs, either Pro 2s or older XCs (actually better hubs but only take 9mm).

    2 people have missed the joke. 🙄 Oh well, good try.

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    I didn’t. 😉

    Gold star! 😛

    Mark N

    🙂 😉

    2 people dont slavishly read every single thread on STW


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    Hi I need a new wheelset. I will have* about £150 to spend. Not bothered 2nd hand or new (obviously will get better quality for 2nd hand)

    *Not actually got the money yet, but I should have.




    Brilliant even the joke/spoof thread over these wheels is getting narky.

    Keep at it boys, my afternoon will flyby at this rate

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    That’s because you were too busy writing adverts for the stuff you sell 😛

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    Thanks for all your replies.

    I don’t understand what you mean by joke.

    Peter Poddy: I could be interested. Would you accept a deposit?

    I’m a bit skint at the moment as I’m building a building for my bikes and the bricklayer is having a laugh.

    <This thread was brought to you courtesy of Bored in the sticks of Azerbaijan.>

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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