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  • Filled 110 landrover with camping gear and bikes. Ferry Plymouth santander. Camped in rioja region, plenty wine tasting. Into Spanish Pyrenees camped torla exploredhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordesa_y_Monte_Perdido_National_Park

    Over to French side to luchonhttp://uk.luchon.com/ hired a cottage for a week plenty cycling watched tour de france took advantage of the cable car for some lift assisted cycling

    Few days in San Sebastian, beautiful city, great tapas.

    Explored Basque coastline, again beautiful and plenty cycling

    Back to ferry and home

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    10 days in the White Room a couple of summers ago, hopefully the next one which is 10 days in Rotorua and the surrounding area is up there too


    Looking for summer holiday ideas so interested to hear about your adventures….

    Premier Icon sheck

    Mountain Bike Kerala in January 2009 with Mrs Sheck


    As adventures.
    Flying with a friend to Colorado Springs and ridding in the Rocky’s. Or walking and camping on Knoydart with my wife.

    Best Holiday now is taking my son to Ardnamurchan where I spent a lot of my childhood holidays . very unspoilt highlands with hills woods and empty beaches and burns to throw stones in.


    Before mini jek came along me the wife toured Italy. Went straight down to naples and stayed at Sorrento, visiting Capri, Amalfi, Pompei & naples. Then 3 nights in Rome, then a week on Lake Garda staying Limone then 2 nights at Sirmione, also on Garda. Fantastic weather, sights & food, everything was perfect except for the bill!

    my best holidays by far were visiting my relatives in edinburgh with my grandfather (who was born in edinburgh dean village).

    always stayed at my auntie nan’s house (his sister).

    bloody loved those holidays/edinburgh (sadly no more though as both my grandfather/aunt are dead 🙁


    1990, day after the World Cup Final, 3 months Interrailing around Europe eventually ending up in Greece where we island hopped.

    That or the honeymoon on safari in the Masai Mara.


    Driving the family in our LWB Landy down to Tunisia, the long way round.

    Premier Icon convert

    Bareboat yacht charter holidays in the Med (bareboat means just you and the yacht doing your own thing- nakedness optional). Eyewateringly expensive but for a good few years either I or Mrs C worked for the company making it ludicrously cheap.

    Neilson beach club holidays can’t really be described as ‘adventures’ but can’t be beat for active couples or families wanting an easy holiday with plenty of varied action.

    Scottish (west coast especially) touring holiday either on a bike, in a van or with a tent are always pretty awesome.


    2 weeks touring all 5 Scottish ski centres in our caravan, that was in march 2010 though when there was loads of snow. Also, 2 weeks around Oban and Lochalsh in the caravan. Vaguely thinking if another 2 week trip later this year, we tend to wait till late September so as to avoid the worst of the midges


    My 3 weeks in California last summer.


    Honeymoon, 3 weeks touring Australia. Rough route Sydney, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Carins, Brisbane.

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    1 year return ticket to Australia.. or 2 months camping and surfing in Northern spain


    Three weeks in chamonix last summer climbing and stuff. Or a week in bled, Slovenia. Slovenia is unreal definitely recommend it!


    Spent summer 2011 living in Whistler Creekside. I went over with a working visa but found it impossible to even get an interview for a job. So I ended up just riding the best trails I’ve ever ridden all day every day for 3 months! Great experience despite not getting to stay there and I lost about 3 stone/6″ off my waist as well. Don’t think I’ll ever have as good a holiday.

    I still dream of moving to Vancouver or Whistler but can’t ever see me being able to get a job secured before I go out there!

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    1 month in chamonix with wife and mates. Mountaineering, climbing, riding, beer and bbq. Was very very happy.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    – Ciclo Montana. Good times with friends.
    – Greece with the wife. Lazy, sunny, boozy and gluttonous.

    Looking forward to California with the missus next year. Riding, boozing, maybe even a bit of surfing!

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    The week/ten days I have in Patterdale each September.

    Road trip through the Canadian Rockies


    A quickie from a few years ago with MrsSalmon: sleeper train up to Ft William, day up Ben Nevis, 3 days backpacking in Knoydart in glorious weather to get to Inverie and a nice B&B and good food at the pub. Day strolling around the beach at Inverie in the sun, then boat back to Mallaig, steam train to Ft William, sleeper home.
    I’ve been to lots more exotic or far-flung places than Scotland but that trip was right up there.

    When I packed up my life and took a tent and little else for a year with no firm plans.


    A month in Kerala, India.
    Known as God’s own country for good reason, and that should make the Yorkshire types feel at home.
    There be mountains there as well, though I personally didn’t do any cycling.


    We went to Mauritius for 10 days a couple of years ago and it was fantastic. We splashed out a bit on a nice hotel, but hired a car and escaped all the honeymooning couples to go exploring every day. We found amazing deserted beaches, hidden waterfalls, ate street food in little villages, and went diving and paragliding. I don’t think the hotel staff had ever seen foreigners actually leave the confines of the hotel and were great at suggesting places to go and things to see. They even invited us into the hotel kitchen to show us how to make traditional Mauritian food and made us some local dishes instead of the “themed” dinner that everyone else was getting. It was ace.

    +1 for Slovenia, had a couple of great trips there travelling around the country. Also a week walking around the Kitzbuhel area a few years ago was a great holiday.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    As a family holiday I’d say Neilson Flotilla

    I’m lucky enough to have had a couple of big chunks of time abroad. A round the world ticket and over landing in a Truck with mates to Tanzania

    Based on that I really rate the following

    America Utah, California, Colorado

    We loved climbing and back packing in Yosemite. Only upto about VS with my wife but still great. (hmm not that I can lead VS today)

    Mountain biking in Utah brilliant

    Oh and some one told us that at any grade the best single crag in the world was Arapiles, IMHO that’s fair comment

    But of those I’d say Utah for the White Rim Trail and Moab. didn’t go rafting but I’d throw that in


    Croatia 2004 before it got mobbed.
    Island hopping for a couple of weeks.
    Didn’t want to come back so ended up staying a month.
    Gets super-busy now so best to go just out of season.


    Nothing will ever beat the time i found myself in the southern tip of South America and found a boat cruise to Antarctica for 12 days, of which I duly accepted. It’s ruined every holiday ever since.

    However as a more realistic idea, me and mrs edward drove around Corsica for a week and Ibiza for a week, both of which I would recommend. We’ve been to Malta and we would rather stick pins in our eyes than go back.


    Biking in Sikkim in North East India

    Surfing in Northern Spain, or SW France

    North America ski trips:

    Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler
    San Fran, Mammoth, Las Vegas, Utah, LA
    New York, Denver
    Toronto, Rockies, Montreal


    I’ll exclude eight months travelling round Australia and South East Asia at 19, awesome as it was it’s a little different to a conventional holiday. I would however recommend a trip to one or more of the Islands inThailand, they are stunningly beautiful. Link.

    Otherwise my two favourite holidays (pre kids) were sailing round the coast of Turkey for two weeks and our Honeymoon to Tulum in Mexico, in Mexico we stayed at Azulik where they have posh cabanas overlooking the Caribbean Sea, it was utterly sensational. The Yucatan peninsula is superb and one of the best places I’ve ever visited.

    Sailing in Greece or Turkey is brilliant you find some proper gems along the coast. Beautiful little bays with nothing but a small restaurant; tender into the beach and get tipsy eating local nosh, back to the boat and in the morning climb out the hatch and roll into the warm sea to clear your head. Really, really good fun. Waiting for the kids to get past ten so we can do it again. Epic.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Two weeks kayaking the White Nile in Uganda.
    Massive, massive scary but usually friendly whitewater, blazing sun, rides through jungle on the backs of mopeds carrying your boat across your lap, Nile special beer, and several days on a river island with fresh fruit at breakfast before a paddle out to a big play wave.


    Bareboat yacht charter holidays in the Med (bareboat means just you and the yacht doing your own thing- nakedness optional).

    Doing just that this August. We (5 in family) are staying with a mate and his family on their 50′ in northern Sardinia.
    2 hours sailing each day to a new beach where we stay overnight maybe with a trip ashore for tea at a local restaurant. Prob sail over to Corsica for a look there as well.
    Looking forward to in immensely.


    Possibly the best one was a week in Los Angeles, basically because it was free, including a hire car, courtesy of BBC Radio One.

    Walking 200 miles in 2 weeks. Thames path from source to barriers.

    Then went all over Greece as reward. Didn’t realise about the gay islands…

    Italy Tuscony scenic route.

    Paris is always great.

    Australia is fun too.

    Camping in the Lakes with my Mum & Dad were the best holidays ever for me, Going back to the mid 1960’s though!
    Not much help, soz.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I have never had an irredeemably bad holiday.

    I remember my childhood and early teen holidays with immense fondness. Me, my folks and sister camping in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark or Sweden and just spending two weeks riding bikes to different places. The best trips involved 2 or 3 different campsites and some driving for dad in between and a visit to our friends in Holland or Belgium. My grandparents would often supplement with UK holidays with lots of history and trips out.

    Favourite places as a grown up have to be
    the trip with Mrs GD to Cape Town, Cederbergh etc where we got engaged and
    Anywhere with the 2 boys in tow (we could camp in the garden and it would still be awesome)
    I really liked Vancouver and Banff

    Premier Icon senor j

    Any of the several ciclomontana visits.
    An absolute batshit mental new year in Barcelona /Pyrenees.
    A relaxing ,hot one, in Turkey , at a really ,really posh hotel.
    & all of the dyfi’s I’ve attended.(honest).


    Every summer my dad loaded up the split screen vw for 6 weeks driving around Europe. Good times!
    I lived in India for 3 years and had some truly epic adventures. Not really a holiday.
    Now I love going a few times a year with the kids to the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast. Off there for 1/2 term!


    Hmm, a week in Bicester in 2005. All those Tescos….

    I think part of the pleasure was the fact is was mind buggeringly hot and I had an ASH-25 to fly in a competition for the week. Quite enjoyed that one!


    Corfu , sidari. It was 15 years ago. We met brit workers. we bunjeed, we met locals, we rode 3 up on peds 😯 we smoked weed with locals, we got job offers, we found a place to live, we came home…. 🙁

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