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  • What was that Lyrik damper issue ?
  • dyna-ti
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    It unscrews doesn’t it ?.

    I remember reading on this very site that the damper is in 2 bits screwed together, and if you keep turning the dial, one bit unscrews from the bottom.

    If memory serves, you drop out the damper, add a bit of thread lock and just screw them back together. I also cant remember who it was that had the problem, but on disassembly thats what he found had happened and the solution was an easy fix.

    Anyone remember who that was ?, or have had this problem themselves and found that was also the problem(he says hopefully )

    Its a fork ive bought. new, but reported a damper issue, so i was hoping this is the issue. Not that i really need it, i normally ride with it fully open, but its nice to have the option all the same.

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