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  • What vacuum cleaner?
  • Premier Icon honkiebikedude
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    So i’ve just killed the second upright, bagless Hoover in three years and need a replacment sharpish.

    Who recomends what and why?

    Looking for a bagged cleaner this time i think. Seem to spend my whole time emptying the bagless ones and it’s not a fun job.

    Premier Icon solarpowered
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    I have a Hetty (female Henry), quite expensive at about £80 but worth every penny!
    Guinea pigs run around in the house (hay eveywhere) and mud/dirt etc from bike. Dog sit sometimes along with budgie feathers when the sis is away. Takes ages for the bag to fill, is really easy to pull/push around and extremely powerful!
    Slightly heavy for me up the stairs but my back aint what it used to be.
    It obviously isnt ‘upright’ but i would really make it a consideration if i were you.
    I wouldnt look back! 🙂

    Premier Icon Neil-F
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    I have a Henry, our second one, superb suction, bagged, and reliable.
    Simple but very effective. Shop around and you should get one for £75 to £80 no problem.

    Premier Icon globalti
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    Henry. Simply and rugged, the only vac we haven’t killed with all the building dust and stuff.

    Get one with a turbo brush head if you have lots of carpets.

    Premier Icon honkiebikedude
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    Was thinking about going away from the uprights this time.

    Kind of looked on the Henry and associated variants as more industrial cleaners so never really considered them. Suppose, just because it doesn’t have fancy advertising and gimmicks doesn’t mean it aint any good.

    Premier Icon sharkbait
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    Search a ye will find

    But the answer is either Henry (agricultural but effective) or Miele cat and dog (refined and still effective). Forget the rest.

    Premier Icon LeeW
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    Meile everytime. They continuously win the best on test awards in Which.

    Premier Icon tonyplym
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    Just got a Miele S2111 – pretty much bottom of their range, but well impressed – very effective, well made and very quiet. If you’re quick there’s a mail-coupon-in-to-Miele promo going for a year’s free bags (think you get 10, including filters) – worth about £20.

    Premier Icon ratadog
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    I’ve managed to kill 2 Miele Cat and Dog’s over the years, but can confirm that they take some killing. Miele will also service for 60ukp and that prolonged the life of machine 2 for some time. Went for a Sebo when the second Miele died. It’s bigger and noisier as well as more expensive – we found a good deal on ebay – but it came with every attachment under the sun and seems more efficient in suction terms than the Miele particularly when it comes to picking up threads and hair. Tried a couple of cheap vacuums from vax and hoover in between the 2 mieles and neither lasted more than 6 months.

    Premier Icon hmanchester
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    Another vote for a basic miele. Brilliant power and will last forever.

    Only downside is bags, but cheapo ebay ones work just as well and they are no effort to change.

    Premier Icon winston_dog
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    Sebo FTW.

    This is the Miele of the vacuum cleaner world.

    Expensive but worth it.

    Premier Icon z1ppy
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    Miele cat & dog had ours 4/5 years now, very very good. Buy the cylinder not the upright, picking up one of those almost gave me a hernia.
    Sebo get great reviews but I’ve not used one.
    Got given my dad’s Henry, so gave it a whirl on the car carpets, it’s was rubbish (did the job properly with the Miele).

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    My parents have a Miele cylinder thing in their cottage and I’ve never used such a useless vacuum cleaner – good suck for about 60 seconds after fitting a new bag, then it just deteriorates rapidly to semi-asthmatic, tiny bags as well, hence endlessly needing new bags.

    I’ve got a 10 year old Dyson, still going strong and blows away the Miele (or rather sucks away). The Dyson has also coped with a large amount of building rubble, plaster, dry cement powder (did need the foam filter washed after that).

    Premier Icon hughjayteens
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    Sebo here. Killed 2 or 3 Dyson’s and then bought this. Has a bag to dispose of but is built like a tank and feels like it will last for ever.

    Is what most of the big hotels use.

    Great service from them too

    Premier Icon donsimon
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    Little Henry, strong enough for the hire shops to use and powerful enough that no-one complains.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Sebo and Miele we ‘kill’ at work (60 bed outdoor centre).
    The simple ‘Henrys’ last and last and last.
    At home our Dyson is nearly 10 years old and still going.

    Premier Icon donald
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    Premier Icon z1ppy
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    My parents have a Miele cylinder thing in their cottage and I’ve never used such a useless vacuum cleaner

    As you can see from the rest of the thread you experience is very very far from the norm. I can fill our bags so full of cat/dog hair that they become cushions… A cheap skate tip, I filled our last spare bag, so chopped a corner off, emptied it and used one of those guillotine type plastic bag sealers to seal it back up… works very well as a temporary fix.

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