What UST or TLR tyre + inner tube on Mavic 819?

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  • What UST or TLR tyre + inner tube on Mavic 819?
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    In my experience usr/tlr tyres and a tube just do not work well on those rims. get your pressures and sealant sorted and stick at the tubeless.

    I found nobby nics ok with a tube in. I also find blasting up with co2 helps get them seated on the odd occasion that I need a tube.

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    I have been running 819s exclusively tubeless for 8 years+ and resorted to a tube lead than a dozen times and for most of that time used cheap art latex as sealant.

    Ime the tyre s rarely sit as well with a tube in but well enough to get you home.


    I have 819 rims and run them tubeless no issues. They are very tight to get a tube in, but if you really work th bead into the centre of the rim it’s fine. I’ve run mine with X kings, N Nics, MK2’s and most recently Chunky Monkey/Smorgasbords from On-One. I ripped a few nobbles off X Kings on rock gardens, bu other than that they’ve all been fine.

    Are you sure your stans wasn’t old and out of latex?

    Running a NN Evo on 819 on the back and Stans milk – riding on a rough farmers lane last night, suddenly heard a loud intermittent metallic clinking noise caused by a very large wood screw three inches long and 1/2″ dia hitting the chain stay- pulled it out, milk sprayed everywhere but after a quick rotation and pump to get it back up to a decent pressure it was fine and tonight when out again no issue – sounds like the milk could have gone off.



    Second time I had a puncture and in both cases the sealant (Stans no tube) didn’t work. In both case I tried to fit a inner tube to at least carry on but impossible to fit it. Rims are Mavic 819 and tyres were Maxis Ignitor UST the first time, and Nobby Nic Tubeless Ready the second time. Any better tyre I should try, or inner tube?



    819’s and UST Rubber Queens run tubeless with wheel milk. No problems over last 18 months, ridden Alps/Pyrenees & faultless.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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