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    So I am back in the UK at the end of this week, and it my intention to do the SH trail next week.
    I hear its been wet over there, so I already suspect I know the answer, but out of the following combinations which would you choose to currently ride across Wales.

    Front Mountain King, rear Race King, roll well but a bit lacking in grip in the mud.
    Front Minion DHF, rear Mountain King, good grip but draggy & the minion is a heavy beast for long distance riding and not sure of its mud clearing abilities.
    F&R mitchelin mud xcr, saw them last month for a good price and bought them in for winter, but not tried them yet.

    All are in UST guise, so what do you reckon folks? Would be particularly interested in hearing from people who know the trails and the ground conditions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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