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    How often will you take the car offload ?
    Do you want all season tyres with a bias for cold weather (ice and snow) ?


    Have a look at this thread

    I have found Conti’s on our Audi Quattro to be excellent, all on road but plenty of grip in snow and ice (we love on a steep hill which a private road so not swept)


    I’ve had Quatrac 3s on my Focus for a year and they’ve been excellent so far. Just as good as full-on winter tyres and can’t really tell they’re not summer tyres in the summer.

    Have a set of Avon Ice Touring tyres on a Octavia 4×4 and last winter during the worst of the snow was able to climb an 18% hill that a discovery three was struggling to get up. In your size on Oponeo they are doing them for £71 a corner delivered.


    cheers all, sorry for double post


    I have all season Hankook Optimo 4s on my car and we have winter tyres all year round on my wife’s car. I do 30k pa she does 6k pa.

    When push comes to shove winters are a little better but any sensible person drives with a bit of care in wintry weather.

    I would whole heartedly recommend four season tyres, the Hankooks are great in snow, brilliant in the wet and very comfy AND hardwearing in summer.


    Got MOT for the HOnda HRV coming up, it’s going to fail on tyres or may scrape a advisory, eitherway it will need new rubber.

    As most of you car buffs will know HRV has part time hydraulic 4×4 that only kicks in when needed.

    The tyre size is a bit weird apparenlty 205/60R16?

    I dont want full blown mad monster truck tyres but I want to get a tidy brand, ive done th ebudget tyres on numeorus cars before and they dont last aslong as branded IMO.

    Vredestein Quatrac 3

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    Pirelli P6 4 Seasons – had them on the Outlander and they were really rather good in anything upto lightish snow (inch or so).

    I hate Bridgestones in general.

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