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  • What type of riding do most STW's actually do?
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    Weekly club night ride with mates and a pub at the end of it, involving Singlespeeds, some Strava woodland trails and the Chiltern Hills. Extending to bigger 30-40 milers at the weekend involving single track bridle ways woods and a bit of road with a tea & cake stop and ultimately a pub or two. The extreme is an annual trip to the Alps for some tech eyes on stalks guided downhill action on the bouncy bikes and trips to Afan and the Peaks.
    I am Enduro curios .
    I just Love riding bikes !!!!


    After breaking my ankle biking this summer my wife wants me to practice a new style of riding know as – Flat Mountain Biking. Acceptable gradient limits for this type of riding are anywhere between -2 to 2%


    Local woods and moorland for fitness and trail-centres for the fun and thrills.


    singlespeed drop bar fat bike gravel enduro racing


    @miguelito Sounds like you need a motocross bike

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    unicycle xc and road riding (for Strava KOMs) mainly, though I do occasionally ride a mountain bike – I suspect at least half my recent mileage on a mountain bike has been in races though!


    Round in circles.

    To the pub.

    To the cafe.


    Natural trails for me. Don’t do trail centres unless I take my young lad. Moorland trails for me if possible linked by country roads. Bridleways old railway lines etc, trying to finish on a downhill if poss.


    Road – 30-60 miles almost always solo and weekly
    MTB – every Tuesday with mates locally and SS in winter 3-4 hours
    MTB gentle trails/trail centre green with my kids 10-15 miles couple of times a month

    99% of my MTB is riding natural stuff

    Hill reps [ hour ish] or a long ride on Sunday* 4+ hours in summer considerably less and less often in winter

    *depending on whether i have kids or not


    80-90% on the road, comuting, trainig rides, TT racing.
    XC racing, longer ones mainly, 6-24hrs.
    Occasional forrays into big steep trail riding but because of where I live that’s only when I’m on holiday, nothing round here to ride (south Linconshire)

    Dark & White Peak mostly and all that it has to offer, some trail centre, Fort Bill – anything, except road

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    i just ride my bike and couldn’t care less what categorie it’s supposed to be in, Vive La Velo

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    I think samuri summed my riding up perfectly in his last line

    “Pissing about, riding to shops, exploring, pretending I’m still young would cover the rest.”


    Downhill racing on a burly hardtail.
    Some SS eventing on rigid hardtail.
    Small bit of cross country/country pootling.
    Around town or on the beach (no fat bike required)
    Clunker skip death trap bike downhill pub racing.

    And might get round to building up a big hitter for uplift days, might even singlespeed it.

    Two wheel rambling.
    Generally trying to take in the best scenery that I can with as much off road, linked up with as little on road, as possible.

    I’m surprised by the number of people who ride something vaguely similar.
    I’d always assumed there was a far higher proportion of trail centre riders on STW.

    Road riding with mates, and riding around the North Downs and the Surrey hills on my own as most of my mtb mates seem to have given up. Either that or they have decided I’m too rubbish to ride with and haven’t told me!!


    My pigeonhole would have to be ‘non-technical XC’ but to prepare for this I do mostly road miles. Straight from the door, no mess, no clag, few punctures, no dog mess. Not to mention the ability to train as accurately as possible.
    That said, I have just bought a road bike so might attempt a local TT or two and the odd Sportive.

    Almost exclusively downhill racing and related practice which is usually uplift days.

    I do own a trail bike which I occasionally use for trail centres and some technical singletrack. Also dabble in a bit of BMX.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    mostly commuting 🙁 100 miles a week, but on my hardtail with slicks and I ride every set of steps I can on the way

    but ive entered an enduro race a month this year (including all of the ukge) and squeezed in the odd trail centre ride and the torq rough ride 70k too


    What type of riding do most STW’s actually do?

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Traditional mountain biking for me. If it’s a legal trail on an OS map with some views ideally that’s my main thing. Xc trail centre works for me too (Afan, Coed y Brenin, cwmcarn etc).

    I also ride with the kids for ‘ adventures’ and transport, commuting, non competitive road riding, to the shop for a loaf of bread or any old excuse.

    I also lose at garden races to my four year old son. 16″ wheels accelerate and turn quicker than a road bike on wet grass.

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    I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.

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    rOcKeTdOg – Member
    i just ride my bike and couldn’t care less what categorie it’s supposed to be in, Vive La Velo


    I have some bikes. I ride them. I like (very much) riding them. Sometimes I even drive them to places further away and ride them there.

    If you REALLY need a label, I guess pretty much all my riding is ‘big kid playing on a bike’.


    Xc wheels on the ground stuff for me starting less than half a mile from the door. In the last 27 years I reckon I may have put the bike in the car maybe 2 or 3 times. I’m lucky enough to have an off road commute so a lot of my riding is variations on the route to and from work.


    Well thanks all for the amusing, informative and occasionally stupid answers (yes to maybe a stupid question, I get it)
    I have always thought we had a really good cross section of people here who just like to ride and all sorts of preferences, skill levels etc and this just proved it….



    Slightly overweight and often just beyond my technical ability.

    -cross country mountain biking (current popular term would be “trail”)

    -recreational road riding (not interested in “races”)

    -commuting to work and back

    different bike for each type of riding 🙂

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Doesn’t apply to me, of course! 😉

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Trail, cross country, DH, AM, Enduro mostly – sometimes all at once

    road for fitness/variation down to 3 1/2 bikes currently so nearly one for each

    Premier Icon senor j

    Of all the replies to this thread this…
    “Two wheel rambling.
    Generally trying to take in the best scenery that I can with as much off road, linked up with as little on road, as possible.”
    Sums it up for me .


    I think the phrase ‘mountain biking’ pretty much covers it

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    TooTall – Member

    Slightly overweight and often just beyond my technical ability
    I think we have a winner!(for me anyway!!) 😀

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