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  • What turbo trainer for less than £200?
  • iolo

    As it says.
    I’m officially fat so need to get some training.
    This cold weathers doing my head in so decided to buy a turbo trainer. It needs to be as quite as possible as it will be used in a shared house.
    Are there any good offers out there in the sales?

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    Cyclops Fluid 2 comes in at that price. Fairly quiet

    i’ve got a cycleops magneto that is pretty quiet and (for what i bought it for, around 110 this time last year) excellent value. as its automatic resistance there is no fiddling with manual levers. having used a tt for a year now i would have no hesitation buying the fluid version. a mat also makes a huge difference to the sound level.

    definitely though budget for some spinervals or similar dvds to help you.

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    me too!

    So ordered this from CRC TACX T1435 Gel trainer. Should be quiet, and only £117.

    Waiting for it to arrive, so can’t comment any further.


    i’ve got one of the above. its fairly quiet and works well. good purchase

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    I have tried (and broke) various trainers over the years.

    Best ones are rim drive rather than on the tire, they are smoother and quieter. And they don’t have that horrible lag as the pedal catches each revolution hard to describe but can’t be good for your knees. And easier to set up properly. In fact just stay away from the ones that sit on the tire.

    I have a Minoura RDA80, can’t remember how much it was but seems to work fine.

    You will also need a phone book for under the front wheel, a selection of old gym towels, a well aired room and music within reach. And old bit of rug to go under it if you have carpet. I use track mits too, you really do sweat that much.

    Good luck, it’s not everyones cup of tea and IMHO more suited to short sharp high end stuff but better than doing nothing. Some people find it too boring.

    I’m thinking of selling my Tacx Satori Blue – if you’re interested? (Comes with case, front wheel stand, DVD, etc)

    It’s a great little trainer, very quiet and smooth and very well reviewed – would definitely recommend it (regardless of whether you’re interested in mine or not!).

    I’m only thinking of getting rid of it as since we’ve had a baby we haven’t got anywhere to put it in the house and I’m finding I don’t have the motivation to use it in a freezing cold garage.

    You can find them for just under £200 brand new and I doubt you can get anything much better for that price. (I think they’re even used by the top Tour De France Teams!)


    Thanks for the offer but I bit the bullet and bought a tacx satori stripes in the crc sale yeaterday after reaommendation from my mate.

    Coolio, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with it!

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