what tubeless tyres on a Flow EX?

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  • what tubeless tyres on a Flow EX?
  • reggiegasket

    I was wondering what people run on their Flow EX rims.

    I was considering running a std tyre as tubeless (HR2) on the front but I’m looking at the rim bead/hook and it doesn’t look very deep, so I’m a bit concerned it needs a proper UST tyre, or UST-ready. Otherwise maybe I should run a rimstrip with the std tyre.

    Anyway, what (are) you running?


    Ran wire HR’s on mine all last year with no bother, a slight faff to get on but worked well. Have now got bonti mud x (I think) which are also good, easy as pie to get on but then they are ‘2Bliss’ ready.


    Ive got a super tacky high roller on mine and its worked a treat, was quite a ball ache to get it to seat but once on its sealed really well.

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    Hans Dampfs on mine. Massive and grippy!


    Rubber Queen 2.2bc and Mountain King MKII 2.2 protection awesome grip and seal 1st time

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    Nobby Nic (tubeless ready) seem to be working fine for me


    On one chunky monkey front and smorgasbord on the rear

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    TL ready Hans Dampf 2.35s.


    cheers all. I’ll give the HR2 a whirl tomorrow.

    I’m running a High Roller 2 tubeless on my Stans Flow at the moment, which works brilliantly and I can’t see a Flow EX being any different in this respect.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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