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  • duntmatter

    I want to get one as cheap as possible, but not so cheap it won’t do the job well.

    How low can I go?

    Have you used one so cheap it was a waste of money (didn’t seal on the valve, useless gauge, etc) , or do they all get the job done?


    topeak joe blow…..should get one for around the £20 mark….mines been faultless….4 years old now….get what you pay for!


    Joe Blow. Mint.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I’ve killed blackburn and sks. So far the topeak one has been good.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I got a Lezyne one at a good discount from Merlin recently – looks lovely and pumps a load of air – gauge is crap though as it overeads by about 50%


    Silca Super Pista. You only get what you pay for. 20 years and still counting.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    If you get a Joe Blow, I’d suggest not getting the entry level Sport model if you’re going to use it a fair bit- it struggles at higher pressures, the gauge is inaccurate (or rather, less accurate than most, and the plastic handle flexes. The plastic top to the barrel also came off mine, breaking one of the clips that hold it on.
    The replacement Joe BLow Max has been great though.


    I got a Bell something or other from Asda for £13.99. Thus far it has performed admirably.


    Lezyne pumps are awesome.
    Steel floor drive is the cheapest and will last for ages and work faultlessly.


    Joe Blow Sprint.

    Middle of the range with the high mounted pressure gauge and pressure release button. Steel base an very sturdy with a good valve fitting.

    All you need.

    I use mine to pump up car tyres and have even done completely flat car tyres in not much time.


    +1 for Joe Blow. Used to pump up my 4×4 tyres when I had a slow puncture. Still going strong after about 8 years but it needs a new hose and valve head.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Everyone recommends Joe Blows, they last well and they work but they’re pretty ordinary. Just got an Air Tower 2 and it inflates tyres in about half as many strokes, no obvious downsides either (still takes my road bike tyres to 100psi no bother).


    Decathlon has cheap pumps too, mine’s fine.


    I have an Air Tower as well but can’t remember which model. It was mid to high range I think but heavily discounted and has been great. I even managed to break the retaining strap by fogetting to undo it in a rush and pulling really hard (very stupid) and was sent another free with no quibbles even though I told them it was entirely my fault.

    I had a JOe Blow for years and it wsa great until the gauge stopped working (still pumps but no pressure reading).

    Bought a Blackburn Air Tower (IIRC) and it was almost unusable, not sealing onto or letting air into the tubes.

    Bought a Specialised and it’s excellent. However, I’d buy another Joe Blow as they’re well priced and last ages.


    I have a specialized which wasn’t expensive and still going strong after about 7 years I think

    Joe Blow Sprint.


    All you need

    I had a cheap lidls one for a while, that really was rubbish. Then bought a cheap Giant one, the control tower 3 I think (so not the cheapest one which is the control tower 4). Been faultless in the 2 years that I’ve had it.

    Joe Blow. Had a couple of cheap Zefal ones from Decathlon but they were truly useless in comparison.


    Bought a cheapo one from tescos 3 yrs ago. It doesn’t look the part but it pumps my tyres up just fine!

    I have, and have bought several (as gifts) Revolution Air track pumps from Edinburgh Bicycle Coop, when I used to work for them – found the Pro model very durable and pumps road tyres easily. Both models have a universal head, with just a thumblock, Heads are quite chunky mind.

    Revolution Air Track Pump Sport -£18
    Revolution Air Track Pump Pro -£30

    Due to relocating and not being able to take all my kit with me, I now have a Joe Blow Max II. Good for MTB, awful for road (impulse buy – no homework done). I can barely push the handle down above 100psi…

    I bought one in LiDLs a couple of years ago for five pounds ninety nine or something daft. It’s a little plasticky, but has worked perfectly all that time. Absolute bargain imo.

    Best I used working in a bike shop was a Beto one with wooden handle. We used one as a ‘customer’ pump, and it proved much tougher than Topeak, Spesh, and even Blackburn. Our mechanics used SKS Rennkompressors at home, and they’re meant to be really good.

    Premier Icon Clobber

    got a Bell something or other from Asda for £13.99. Thus far it has performed admirably.

    +1 for this, the pressure gauge is even accurate, (on mine anyway, I checked it…)

    Great pump for the money…

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