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  • Premier Icon HansRey

    topeak multitool (with built-in chain splitter)
    8/9/10spd links
    lezyne pump
    shock pump
    spare tube
    water proof camera
    monkey wrench (for bashing stuff)

    one of these…

    btw, what is this about 20p pieces and HT11 pre-loads?


    Don’t usually carry a shock pump.
    Only one spare tube in case of tubeless failure (but backed up with duck tape wrapped around pump, a patch kit and a tubeless anchovy set)
    Always carry a spare hanger – I’ve seen loads of people snap them
    Always carry ID, health card and credit card.

    I don’t have a 20p piece, so the two times I’ve had to preload HTII cranks I’ve used a small rock…

    Rogan Josh

    Headset press.

    Everything else you can do with a rock.

    Premier Icon prettygreenparrot

    @HansRey – is that a modded Oyster card? Neat.

    My bag
    on-one cheap multitool with chain tool on it
    2 26″ presta tubes
    puncture repair kit
    a few 20cm zip ties
    tiny specialized mini pump (might go back to my blackburn one, as the specialized one is hard work for any tyre bigger than about 2″)
    a metre or so of gaffer tape
    spare, part used, brake pads + spring + pin
    mech hanger

    then there’s all the other stuff that I keep thinking of cutting down on but don’t
    space blanket
    Emergency bivvi
    First Aid kit


    Thanks all

    Think I have it covered.

    timb34, a 20p will undo a HT2 preload washer so you can remove the chainset out in the field. Handy if the chain is jammed in the gap below.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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