What tool to remove frame bearings?

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  • What tool to remove frame bearings?
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    A blind bearing puller or..

    You can safely bodge it for much less using an expanding bolt as I’ve done successfully on numerous occasions on my Hemlock bearings. Did a guide for the rocker on this thread…

    …but its the same principle for the other bearings, just use a expanding bolt that matches the internal diameter of the bearing


    A 20mm axle, some bits of wood and a hammer works for me.
    In fact those tools can solve most of life’s problems.

    But whatever similar bits you have kicking about will do


    I’m trying to replace the main pivot bearings on my Titus FTMc.

    Having removed the pivot bolt, I have 2 bearings each side. The internal diameter of the bearings is the same as the shell of the frame, making an even cylinder for the pivot bolt to pass through.

    Which tool do I need for this? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to get purchase to knock them out.


    Thanks Chaps, Ill give it a go.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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