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  • [What a sad excuse for a topic, I used to go to the hacienda you know, now look at me wondering about toasters, anyway….]

    The toaster has bust so I want a new one, but with 4 slice capacity this time.

    Our kitchen is open plan with other rooms so as it’s going to be on view I thought I’d slash out and get a Dualit. Reading a few reviews it seems these are not nearly of the quality they once were and in fact quite a fire hazard (crap timer that packs in leaving the toaster switched on and burning away). I suppose people will buy them cos they are trendy but I’m not splashing out if could burn the house down.

    Any recommendations?

    Duralit is pants looks great makes poor toast, the gadget show had a review on toasters this season and a cheap swan toaster came out tops or something!


    one of these?


    Have you taken a look at the Rowlett ones. Much nicer looking IMO than the Dualit but similar design ethos – pricey but I have had mine for nearly 10 years with no issues.


    grill? 😀 More seriously why do toaster do one side good and one not so? Do bosch make toasters?

    Bosch made good parts for the Nazi (Me 109 fighter) in the war.
    I need to get out more.

    Our Duallit is great, much better than the £50 DeLonghi and the "best of test" cheapo we had before. I know there has been some slagging off of them but I guess its in the same vein as "LeCrussett is getting thinner and made of tin" jelousy 🙂


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    There seems to be a lot of anti Dualit feeling around.

    I’ve had mine for ten years. It makes great toast.

    The timer did start playing up a while back. But because they are mechanically simple and completely serviceable, I fixed it. Quick spray of WD40 to the clockwork mechanism and it’s as good as new.


    We had a Duralit at work and it was bloody good. Imaging about 40 developers making toast through the day, day in, day out, for about 4 years and it only gave up the ghost late last year.

    When the new kitchen turns up I’m going to go get one for home.

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    I’ve been patiently waiting for my £12 Asda special to die for the last eight years so that I can buy a new one.

    The thing that annoyed me last time I was looking for toasters is that there were no 4-slice toasters that had two long slots instead of four small ones. Anywhere!

    It’s frustrating having your pitta bread sticking out the top and turning it over halfway as they get burned in the middle.


    Bosch do make toaster but they are hideously ugly. If you want one that looks good and toasts well the I’d go for a Dualit or a Rowlett – both ‘catering’ style toasters and of a similar price. Depends what your style is though as the seimens stuff looks nice too and you can get a matching kettle.

    Aldi currently have a 4 slice job for circa £17 – and with a 3 year warranty. Just bought one to replace my beautiful but hideously expensive Porsche designed Siemens thing.

    I guess you could buy at least 6 of them for every Duralit (which are of course so good they can only give you a one year warranty iirc)

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    My parents have had a 2 slice Dualit for ages now – they had it when I was at uni, so it’s at least a decade old now, maybe 15 years. One of the elements packed up a few years ago, so my dad replaced it with a spare, but otherwise it’s been brill.


    If your Dualit has to go back to the factory for repair it goes to the person who actually made it in the first place. Now this could work two ways, firstly one hopes it encourages the workers to make good toasters so they don’t end up having to stay after class to mend the pile of broken ones on their bench. However if it just so happens that yours was made by a numpty then self same numpty will repair it. You see the problem right.
    Anyway who cares about the toast, you only make toast for a few minutes a day, it’s what it looks like that counts, and nothing beats the Dualit.


    Dualit here again – have had ours for 12yrs+ and replaced one element. Enquired where to get spare (am in Canberra) and got a very prompt polite email from UK with the Australian parts agent details and spare part was here in a week – Lovely!
    What is even nicer is all of the brass nuts and bolts for the electrical connections and the woven insulated wires – quality. Easy to pull apart and fix – none of the spot welded rubbish and no-tamper screws. It is made to last years and then be repairable if it should break – true commercial standard.
    AND – it makes great toast!!!


    summary? conclusion?


    Go get a Dualit – looks great and works well!

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