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  • What to use stick loose LED back in position ? ( DX XML T6 jobbie)
  • kaiser

    was fiddling with my £30 DX xml T6 light when I noticed the led was sitting a bit off centre so I removed the reflector to examine and noticed it was loose and free to move about laterally. I have no electronics experience but noticed it had originally been stuck down with a greyish adhesive. I presume this is a special thermal type and wondered what the cheapest suitable product is to redo the join?
    Also ..should i use plenty or apply thinly and is it Ok to press on the Led from above with a finger etc to seat or is this inadvisable as with halogen bulbs etc. Any advice would be much appreciated


    just noticed some double sided thermal adhesive tape on ebay available in small quantities ..would this sort of thing do the job?

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    It’s probably thermal epoxy, you shouldn’t need very much, and a cotton bud would be ok for moving the LED into position if you’re bothered about touching it. It won’t actually harm the emitter anyway, and when it’s set, just use the bud to polish off any marks you may have left.
    [edit] the tape will be too fiddly, and it needs a perfectly flat clean surface, the epoxy will fill any imperfections, and allow you to get it into the right position.

    I use a stuff called Arctic silver. should be widely available

    Was the greyish stuff solid or still paste? It might be the led was just held in by the front of the lamp unit screwing on and its just thermal paste to conduct the heat

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