What to use for long distance road routes now that Google Map has been 'updated'

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  • What to use for long distance road routes now that Google Map has been 'updated'
  • I cannot get along with new google maps, most of the useful functions that old google maps was good for seem to be disabled, I can no longer plot routes with the terrain on, nor can I muck about dragging and dropping route markers to change my route, without it all going haywire.

    What else is good online?


    Edit: Five seconds searching and I found an option to return to ‘classic’ maps, much happier!

    Sometimes it’s just easier to ask on here before even engaging the brain… 😳

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    never really used google for plotting, I just use a combo of bing maps on os mode and mapmyride in satelitte mode for plotting, flicking between the 2.


    How do you then use the route logged in Google maps?

    I find Garmin Connect faultless for use with a Garmin device.

    I usually just make notes for myself on a bit of white tape, stuck to my stem! I’ve never had any other use for a GPS and don’t like the look of them, plus the cost of course.

    Usually using google map for ‘planning’ anyway, just to see what’s out there, the streetview and terrain function etc. is handy plus the ability to just ‘pick up’ the route and drag it to an interesting side road etc.

    Even the ‘classic’ google map appears to be getting too clever for its own good, I’m playing with routes in Norway but it won’t let me plot some roads as they are currently closed. Good to know, but I’ll be riding next summer, I don’t really care what roads are currently closed!

    Its free I guess, shouldn’t complain.

    hugs.thenet or somesuch is what I use to plan dog walks / bike trips. Free online OS mapping with the ability to plot your route by dropping waymarkers. Doesn’t export to anything but it’s printable! Once I’m actually out there, I use backcountrynavigator app on the phone to check where I’m going. Best £6 I’ve ever spent.

    Edit – whoops – wouldn’t do Norway…

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    mapmyride any good?

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    bikehike.co.uk – Google classic maps and OS maps on one screen 😀

    I tried mapmyride, it covers most of the features I liked, but you can’t pick up and drag the route to another road like you can with google map.

    Haven’t tried bikehike, I think I signed up years ago and then forgot about it, thanks!

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    I use bikehike, it is ok for route planning, gives distance and elevation.
    cycle route planner is ok too.

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    I’ve started using http://www.ridewithgps.com

    As well as Old Google Maps style planning it also builds up a list of streets/turns as it does it.


    Bikely.com allows google drag and drop, no terrain option though I think


    Bikehike x2

    Funnily enough I’ve just found a ‘visitnorway’ page with a map which plots routes for you, its pretty good but you need to know the place names in advance, you can’t just drop waymarkers.

    I’ve actually got a bikely account from way back when, will need to try that vs. ridewithgps vs. bikehike

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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