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  • Trimix

    FoD, it dosent close as its a massive forest. Its closer than CyB.

    You have natural stuff, trail center stuff and loads of brilliant cheeky stuff. On Sunday lots of the trails I rode were dusty dry.

    If your reasonably fit, MBR. I had a similar time dilemma when the days were shorter, the guy in the bike shop there recommended mbr as his words were “Its the best fun you’ll have at this center” and i can only echo that it was bloody good fun.


    Trimix – I didn’t think about FoD to be honest.

    Rhys – I was thinking that (and then adding on a shorter loop to make it worth while) or the Beast.

    I’ve not been out on the mountain bike for ages and am itching to get out. Fitness shouldn’t be too bad because I’ve been out on the road bike a lot over the last few weeks.

    Mindmap3 , you’ve got me thinking about a trip on Saturday myself now!

    just looking into other options for the run, as in all honesty i’ve only tried the MBR, dunno whether to try the dragons back on my own or not…

    I think they start off on the same first few posts anyway so i’ll guage it as i go!

    If your there, and bump into a billy no mates on a mondraker, its not me.


    I’ll be riding on my bill if I do head over there, so if you do go and fancy some company feel free to drop me a line.

    Failing that, look out for another Billy No Mates, this time on a poo brown Spesh SX Trail.


    I wouldn’t do the Beast unless you are confident you can get round.
    We got caught out once due to a combination of lack of fitness and much faffage.
    Once it starts to get dark, it gets dark bloody quick!
    We all had emergency lights (weeny head torches) and the last few trails were sketchy.

    MBR is fun, will give you a good idea of what’s there & is plenty manageable. If you get round with a bit of time to spare, you can do a couple of loops of the Minotaur just to finish the day off…


    Cheers Stumpy – that was my one concern if I’m getting there a bit later. Don’t fancy getting caught out like that.

    Do you know what time the car park closes? I know the visitor centre closes at 5pm, but its not clear if they lock the car park at the same time.


    I was planning to ride Cannock this weekend because it’s local; however I’m not sure that it will be open. The Facebook page says that they’re hoping the Dog and Monkey will be open again on Friday but I think I need a contingency plan.

    First up was Llandegla but that’s still closed.

    So I was thinking about CYB – have looked up more details and it appears that there are a number of trails. Which then got me wondering which ones are the best / most fun.

    I’d like to ride on Saturday because the weather forecast is better. The only snag is I can’t leave Tamworth until just after 11. That means I can be there by about 1:30, leaving me to ride until it closes (not sure when this is) or its dark.

    Any recommendation of the best trail (or combination) would be greatly appreciated.

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    mindmap3 wrote:

    Do you know what time the car park closes? I know the visitor centre closes at 5pm, but its not clear if they lock the car park at the same time.

    The car-park doesn’t close.. we were there at the weekend and went for a night-ride fairly late.

    As mentioned, MBR is probably your best bet.. if it’s getting late you can always miss out the last, long fireroad climb up to The Beginning of the End etc. (although these are some of the best bits!).


    MBR recommends between 1:45 to 3 hours, Tarw a similar time. Beast recommends 3-6 hours and Dragons Back 3-5.

    Lots of info here:http://www.mbwales.com/en/content/cms/centres/coed_y_brenin/coed_y_brenin.aspx

    Matt Page currently holds the Strava record for the MBR trail at just over 1 hour, so that’s your target 😉


    Cheers for that.

    The main car park at Cannock is usually locked an hour or so after the main visitor centre is closed.

    Don’t think that I’ll be worrying that Strava time – don’t use it and am not fit enough!

    I’d do the Tawr, but just before Uncle Fester, double back and zip up the fireroad and pick up the start of the Adams Family for some extra grins

    Tom B

    I’m getting back into mtbing this year and today at Coedy was my 10th ride of year. I have very little fitness! Managed MBR in just under 1.45 I think. Tarw took slightly longer and I was fooked by the end. I’d do Dragons Back if you’re just doing 1 trail. Seriously though, you’re not going to die doing the Beast! It is a slog, but you could walk it in the hours of daylight that we now have!

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