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  • What to replace my sdg bell air saddle with?
  • damascus

    I’ve been running an sdg bell air ti saddle for a while now and it’s the best one I’ve had but it’s not perfect.

    It’s looking a bit tatty and I fancy a new one.

    Has anyone used this saddle and found a better one and not gone back?

    Ive tried a few recently and not got on with them.

    What’s the sdg bell air 2.0 like? Its lighter but that seems to be because it has less padding.

    Any suggestions?


    Premier Icon jeffl

    I went for a charge spoon to replace my bell air when one of the saddle rails broke. Liked it so dropped one on the road bike as well as the MTB. So far done a 75 mile sportive and coast to coast without issues. As a bonus it’s a lot cheaper than the SDG although doesn’t come in cow print 🙁

    Rob Hilton

    What’s the sdg bell air 2.0 like? Its lighter but that seems to be because it has less padding.

    Nail ? head. The original is much more comfy.


    if you liked the SDG then I’d also say try the charge spoon. They’re on Amazon for a nip over £20.00. I like mine and also bought the charge knife for my other bike which is a lighter sleeker version but it’s not quite as comfy.


    Charge Spoon…or the not-very-comfortable-sounding Knife.
    End of thread.

    Premier Icon chestrockwell

    Agreed. I went from a bel air to spoon and never looked back.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Another vote for the Charge Spoon or the nearly identical Madison Flux.


    Fabric scoop. Had a radius, now have the flatter one and love it.


    I love my Bell Air 2, it really is the comfiest saddle I’ve ever used.

    Charge spoon. ^^^^


    Spoon has lasted well, I get through saddles in minutes yes even bel-airs!

    Premier Icon Neb

    Or the gusset R series, I picked up a ti railed one for £18. Much comfier than the bel air 2.0 I had previously.

    Identical to the charge spoon and madison flux saddles

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    I’m a big fan of the Charge Spoon too.

    I spent time and money on some fancier saddles for my Cotic but ended up back with the spoon.


    Personally I’ve never found anything as comfy as the bel air, including the mk2 which has now been relegated to the pub bike.

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    I’m a fussy bugger and love my Bel Air.

    Didn’t like the Spoon – too firm.
    I do like the Giant Contact saddle though.


    Another vote for the charge spoon here- had the same Sdg saddle and find the spoon more comfortable

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    I’ve used Spoons a lot and I think they are great VFM – but the padding “packs down” over time and I find I need to replace them regularly. Specialized saddles I’ve used are more expensive but seem to last longer.

    I’ve actually just bought and fitted a Bel Air (RL Ti) and so far it seems fine.

    Had a bel air ti for a long while and loved it, tried v2 but didn’t. Dunno why it just didn’t feel as good so now on Charge Spoons which are much comfier and cheaper so a bonus.


    Big fan of the bel-air here too.
    Had them on both my mtb and road bike use to comfort but found that on long rides … SDW or lon sportives they had a bit too much give.
    Replaced the road one with a Maddison Flux … very much like the spoon but not quite as had … cheap and look good too.
    Found it to be perfect alternative … and even bette long distance.


    Sorry for the slight hijack, looking to replace my Bel Air with possibly a Circuit?

    Anyone used one?

    Had a Spoon for a while on the commuter but found it uncomfortable after rides of more than an hour.


    Why would you choose a Spoon over a Flux for an MTB, same saddle but with reinforced side panels and possibly a bit more padding?

    Chromo Spoon is less forgiving than my Ti Bel Air, Spoon is stiff in comparison.

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