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  • What to eat on a solo 24 hr?
  • Steak and stilton pies, washed down with Double Chocolate Stout… most of the food groups are covered there.

    Top it up with wee free samples from the power bar trade stand.

    I got a gold at a cheddar enduro on that race diet (beating geared guys too I may add)


    pasta pots from tesco
    Malt loaf
    mule bars
    fruit cake
    flap jack

    i had a weird urge for a pre made sandwhich a few years ok…

    Dates and wine gums served me well at the Bikefest, dates have an awful lot of calories and even a bit of protein too. You will prob want a big poo afterwards though. That was only 12 hours i guess I would want a bit of real food during 24 maybe pasta??


    Thanks for that Charlie, I will pass that on.
    PS Spoke to you @ SSUK. I must get in contact about cadging those chain links off you!


    Dates? Yikes, they’d make me ride a bit faster… ;0)

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    whatever you buy won’t be what you suddenly find yourself craving at 3am, but go for easily digestable, not too strongly flavoured things (your rice pudding, macaroni cheese etc were spot on).

    If you’ve got someone cooking for you, omlettes can be good…though the best food i’ve ever had at a 24hr race was a congealed cheeseburger at SITS in the middle of the night last year 🙂

    (obviously ‘proper’ energy bars/gels are bestest, should ASDA stock them…)

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Load of plain pasta works for me.
    Fig rolls.
    Loads of hariboes.
    Apple tunrovers.

    Mr Sparke: no worries, email me and I will sort it out… you know where to find me.


    Sadly I will be flying completely solo at Mayhem so no sous chef for me! Mmm, congealed cheeseburger, now that does sound good! But, yes, fairly bland, easily digestible stuff seems to be the best option. Might be daring and get some custard creams too.


    Charlie – thanks fella. Nice one.


    I have done one before but it was back in the mists of time. I seem to remember eating stuff like rice pudding, jaffa cakes and macaroni cheese. What else can I tell the Missus to get me from Asda?


    If you fancy something hot made I have a pit bunny with me and I could lend her out for a fee 😉

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Jam sandwiches – loads of jam.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Don’t try surviving solely on energy stuff, it’ll play havoc with your insides! Anything quick and easy to grab, try and get a hot meal at some point but otherwise eat what you want, when you want. Little and often is the key.

    I like easy-to-eat bits of fruit like grapes and cut-up apples, it freshens up your mouth and removes the horrible aftertaste of sugary drinks. a big bag of mixed nuts/dried fruit is good for energy. Honey, jam or peanut butter sandwiches work well too.

    Breakfast cereal

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    A tip I was given last year was that this is the one time it’s good to go shopping feeling hungry. Buy whatever you feel like eating and is going to be easy to prepare. Something you can look forward to…

    I loved my can of “all day breakfast” at 7:00am doing Twentyfour12 solo last year (strange I know), honey roasted cashews/peanuts also do it for me, smoothy for something fresh, instant porridge…

    Stock up on as much carbs as possible for the rest of this week too!


    crunchy burgers from the catering at sleepy oclock are great

    Raw pop tarts are good actually , easy to digest and an everlasting memory for postierich “can you get ill from eating raw pop tarts” as i feably stuff one in my mouth in 2 bites and reach for another !




    Torq powder (snorted or injected preferably*)

    Supernoodles (preferably eaten from twinkly dave` pit bitches jumper)

    Cannot remember what else i ate but there was a fair bit of it eaten !

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