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  • What to do near Willenhall for 6 hours!!
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    Oh yes – that tourist hot-spot Willenhall!

    Got to take my daughter to a Tae Kwon Do Officials course on Saturday. It’s too far to make sense to drive back home (2.5hr round trip) – so I have six hours to kill! :-/

    Is there anything close by that’s vaguely interesting? Not Cannock as I don’t really ride anymore.



    Foldup camping chair and go and watch some live action divorces happening in the ikea carpark?


    30 minute drive but what about here? It’s one of my favourite places. Just hire a pair of shoes and away you go.

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    Pretty certain there’s a waterways museum around there. Also national motorcycle museum nearish.


    Go to:
    The New Art Gallery in Walsall
    The Pretty Bricks in Darlaston for a pint and some Gray Pays
    Monmore Green Dogs for a flutter
    Black Country Museum
    Ma Pardoes for faggots and mash
    Mad O’Rourkes Pie Factory and do the Desperate Dan Challenge
    Museum of the Cold War at Cosford
    Moseley Old Hall
    Bantock House for the world’s greatest collection of Japanning


    I live just outside willenhall.

    Easiest stuff is to pop to the retail park at Junction 9, park up and have a wander around the shops along with a coffee or Nandos.

    You could take you bike and go and do a lap of Cannock, its about 25 minutes away or if you didn’t fancy that there is a small place call Sandwell Valley that is out the way and has some quiet trails.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Decathlon and Ikea, that’ll do the best part of 2 hours.
    Lunch, there’s another hour.
    If you like football, there must be some going on, league or non-league.
    Or follow aP’s list.


    Cosford would be about 45 minutes away, you can spend about 3 hours there, 45 minutes back and a pie at Ma Pardoes. Sorted.
    Might be a bit optimistic to do the Bathams’ 8 (9?) in the time you’ve got.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Bathams 10 now.
    There’s a new one in Hagley.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Thanks all!

    Cosford Museum is a great recommendation – and a 50yr old bloke can walk around alone without looking dodgy! 🙂

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