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  • tails

    I’m going for 6 days I think, other than that square and the sooqs what is there to do? Can I get to the Atlas mountains and back in a day? Are the rug salesmen as annoying as Thai tuktuk drivers? Should I take dirham or dollars?



    How big is the city more barcelona than london?


    I went for 4 days and we hired a car plus driver for the day for ? dirhams , can’t remember but it was about £80.
    He drove us to the Atlas mountains, doesn’t take long. We visited a traditional family home and drank that yucky mint tea they love, then drove up to some waterfalls. Cannot remember the name now but it was good.

    We also took a red bus tour of the city centre and this really helps get your bearings.

    I only used dirhams, not dollars.
    Also if you know any french it is handy as they all speak that.


    Domestic violence and copious drug use a la rolling stones?

    jonah tonto

    euro is king in africa…..take small denominations though.
    the haggling is not for everyone, being polite is though, ive seen some pretty rude brits screaming at children (teens) who lets face it are trying to sell stuff to put food on the family table.

    i’ve spent alot of time in morrocco. i love it but not been back for 3 or 4 years, i hear Marrakech has gone the way of many popular tourist destinations and become a bit….disneyworldish.
    the atlas are amazing. truly amazing. stuff yourselves into an old yellow merc taxi and get up there. oh and i would suggest spending a night, if only to see the stars, but looking out over the flat plain from the altitude of the mountains totally blew my mind.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I’ve spent a long WE there, just walked everywhere. Great for photography.

    Spices by brf, on Flickr

    Marrakech Souk by brf, on Flickr

    Moroccan ceiling lamp by brf, on Flickr

    Marrakech arches by brf, on Flickr


    The Atlas range is great, but do try to stay overnight.
    In the other direction, Essaouria on the coast is fab. Both are taxi / bus rides away. we paid about £100 from Atlas to Coast, 3 years ago. It gave us an extra day holiday…

    and of course if you’re into young boys or goats, no-one will call you nasty names, they’ll just charge double.


    La Mamounia hotel is worth a visit – used to be Churchill’s favourite apparently.

    Easy to get into the Atlas mountains via taxi.

    Visiting a carpet shop can be interesting

    Premier Icon dawson

    Looking at the world through the sunset in your eyes
    Traveling the train through clear Moroccan skies
    Ducks and pigs and chickens call
    Animal carpet wall to wall
    American ladies five-foot tall in blue

    Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind
    Had to get away to see what we could find
    Hope the days that lie ahead
    Bring us back to where they’ve led
    Listen not to what’s been said to you

    Wouldn’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express
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    They’re taking me to Marrakesh
    All aboard the train, all aboard the train

    I’ve been saving all my money just to take you there
    I smell the garden in your hair

    Take the train from Casablanca going south
    Blowing smoke rings from the corners of my mouth
    Colored cottons hang in the air
    Charming cobras in the square
    Striped djellebas we can wear at home Well, let me hear you now

    Wouldn’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express
    Wouldn’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express
    They’re taking me to Marrakesh

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    Wouldn’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express
    They’re taking me to Marrakesh
    All on board the train, all on board the train
    All on board



    then drove up to some waterfalls. Cannot remember the name now but it was good.

    Cascades d’Ouzoudh?

    Good pics footflaps!

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Done a lot of biking there over several years and loved it.

    Booked anywhere to stay?

    Hotel Foucauld is near the Djema El Fnaa… good price, simple and clean. Close to a hotel with beer too…
    Atlas mountains, treat yourself to the Kasbah Du Toubkal in Imlil. Great non tourist hamamm in the village but you will need to ask. Its above the Kasbah.
    Essouria, coach travel quick and cheap via Supratours. Good for an overnight. Hendrix, Zappa etc were on to something here.
    Marrakech souk is a great day of random low hassle shopping or cultural immersion.
    Rooftop cafe’s around the square are superb, mountains in the background.
    Find a Riad in the city, we were surprised by a guy at the airport who took us to a brilliant place to stay.
    Lonely planet etc etc are pretty good guides.
    Try local food in the square, spicy hot drinks, camel heads, orange juice, pick and choose. We were never ill.
    Loved it,

    HTH in a random way.


    Watch out for the schizophrenic American living rough in the remote dunes south of Essaouria !


    Can second a trip to Essaouria…especially if the weather is good.

    In Marrakech, there’s also Bahia Palace that you can wander around:

    Visit the main square in the evening and sit and have a drink overlooking the square:


    Oh, and if you do take a trip out of the city…keep an eye out for the mountain goats in trees at the side of the road.


    go somewhetre else! IMO 3 days is enough
    Heres my take on it (no dought I’ll be shot down in flames)
    Souks – crowded grubby alleys selling tat
    All the places of interest arnt interesting (and mainly in the process of being restored) with the exception of the photo house which is also pleasant for lunch
    Atlas mts – big piles of mud not as nice as any european mts
    Burber villages are shit holes with rubbish flung everywhere
    Its expensive they think we have money coming out of our ears and have nothing better to do with it than give it them for no good reason
    the square is worth a day and an evening but only one
    use taxis lots they’re cheap enough and will save you hours of getting lost
    the car funes etc are chocking and the roads are minging and chaotic – buts thats to be expected
    This is a big tip – when you are approached to buy something – smile be pleasant have a laugh with them – they do tend to have a good sence of humour – then tell them you bought whatever they are selling yesterday they will vanish instantly
    Basically I thought it was a dump and an experiance I will not be repeating
    Before anyone starts yes I have travelled a lot including africa so wasn’t totally green as to what to expect
    It also pissed down on us which made it really crap


    I went a few years ago with the wife to Morroco. Spent first few days in blissfully downbeat Essaouria. Days were spent mouching around and are fondly remembered. There is a good harbour with fishing boats and the town is tolerably busy. Drank mint tea in squares and did very little. The bay is great for kite surfing by all accounts.

    Marrakech was crazy in comparison. Cramped, loud, dusty and fast. A few days there was more than enough. We preferred to walk everywhere to get a sense of the place. Certainly feel we’ve explored it and I’ve no burning desire to return. Quite liked the open-air tanning of animal hides we saw though. I got quite fed up with being badgered after a while. I think I prefer holidays to recharge rather than “experience” stuff.

    I would go back to Essaouria though. It cost about £30 to go by bus to the coast from Marrakech.

    +1 for spending some time out in the sticks. You won’t believe how dark it gets and how bright the stars look on a moonless night. Wherever I’ve gone I’ve found people in the rural areas to be more genuine. Unless it’s changed in the 18 years since I went there it’s worth taking some old T shirts and cheap digital watches to swap. I was asked for mine many times. Importantly, resist ALL offers of ‘wacky baccy’. I’ve heard stories that once you’ve bought it they demand more money not to tell the police you’ve got it.


    Do one of those bath places where they pummel your back and pour boiling water on you – it’s great.
    Definitely go to the mountains or somewhere as 6 days just in Marrakech is too much.


    You will need some Dirhams…get them at the airport (cash machine), make sure you change them back there too. Once you’re through customs there is nowhere to do it!

    As mentioned above, a trip to the hammam is worthwhile. Get covered in the savon noir (black soap) and you’ll have never been as clean in your life. An hour long, full body massage would be good and fairly cheap too.

    Do get out of Marrakech, I found it too claustrophobic and was ready to leave after the first day…I’d spent the previous 5 days crossing the mountains which were amazing!


    take plenty of warm clothes and a sense humour. most people never go back, once is enough


    yes all the above but hire a car & do it yourself. We got a Dacia which in M is positively luxury & drove to Essaouir & the waterfalls. I think we paid about 20 gbp per day & driving was easy.

    We stayed in the big hotel by the bus station which was cheap & really clean. The begging & lack of alcohol wears off after 2-3 days.

    Good luck

    Premier Icon Doh1Nut

    essaouira is kite surfing capital for a reason – its windy
    if the wind is powered by the difference between the sea and the land temperatures- the sea is Fxxing freezing (too cold for a pleasant swim) and the land bit is the sahara.
    It can get a bit tiring after a while.
    Kite surfing lessons are Western priced at E50 per lesson


    Okay thanks people, so ill go to this beach for a day and this waterfall reckon I can travel out by day long trips though. That bath thing sounds fun, although no alcohol does not!! I thought Moroccans were liberal Muslims got to be. Heineken somewhere!

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Go to the main square, once during the day, once at night
    Go on a trip up into the Atlas mountains
    If you want to get away from you hotel at night, try the new town area; much less hassle (In particular find a bar called Keshmara, big roof terrace, great music, live bands some nights, pretty cheap, great atmosphere)
    Get a hammam

    I went with my wife and glad our hotel was away from the centre as it meant we could escape the madness

    We enjoyed it but can just get too much; the sole aim of anyone you meet is to extort money from you, it’s no use just trying to ignore them either……..they follow you…….for days at a time!


    Marrakech is great for a couple of days – but Morocco has a lot more to offer – the Atlas mountains are awesome, and day-trip-able from Marrakech.
    Alcohol freely available in Marrakech, you just need to go into the posher resturants/hotels to get it, and expect London prices.

    blasting along the Dakar rally route…

    crossing a dried up lake-bed – like driving on the moon.


    +1 for Essaouria and Atlas Mountains. Great place, I’d definitely go back.

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