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  • Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    Rhenigidale loop – on bike and on foot.
    Callanish stones.
    Garenin black house.
    Cycle round Harris.
    Fly kites on beaches.

    Do nothing but stare in wonder.


    Great Bernera is quite nice and we really enjoyed the iron age house, if you do go try and get there when the local curator is on site.

    Some nice walks around the coast of Harris, the beaches are spectacular everywhere.

    Premier Icon brant

    Luskentyre beach is amazing

    Then go to croft 36 for mussells and chips.


    Then go to the Temple Cafe down the road from croft36 for hot girls, hot coffee, hot cakes.

    Premier Icon convert

    Can I add Barra and South Uist to the list – will be there next week too.

    I’m sensing there’ll be lots of “stare in wonder” done by me and Mrs C (and swimming if the weather is kind).

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    There are a few threads on here, try googling (not the search function on here, it’s not so great!)

    Not trying to be a dick, just pointing you towards stuff that’s already out there! Here’s a couple:




    Set up a market stall on Sunday morning.

    Premier Icon swavis

    Nothing to add really but just back from a week staying at Horgabost. Awesome! 😀


    thanks peeps – I was wandering if there is a walk along the cliff to a “secret bothy” which is actually into the cliff itself – north of Gearrannan?

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’m off to North uist on sunday for 2 weeks.
    Cannot wait. 🙂

    ’twas rather nice last time.

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/ck2Lhy]DSC_0131[/url] by ir_bandito, on Flickr


    fantastic place, and echo all the above as things to do,
    only issue i had was some of the the wonder spots were sometimes a bit spoilt by the huge long motorhomes “wild camping” there for days and end – ie. 2 weeks! and im talking 20-40K motorhomes here not just vw size campers or tenters.


    Heading their with the family next week; staying over near the beaches on the west coast of Lewis. Any recommendations for walks, days oot and the likes?

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    swavis – Member
    Nothing to add really but just back from a week staying at Horgabost. Awesome!

    I’m not long back as well

    What to do? There’s lots of this as well as long empty beaches.


    brant – Member

    Luskentyre beach is amazing

    You could also buy some Harris Tweed to make some cushions or something with as a momento from Donald John Mackay’s workshop. You will not be able to do so without him giving an enthusiastic demonstration on his loom.

    Premier Icon metalheart


    just saying…. 😉

    Definitely Callainish though.

    If you head north there’s the church at Eoropaidh, austere and atmospheric .
    And if the weather’s bad, the Butt of Lewis can be spectacular

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