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  • DrJ

    Any of the STW travel consultants been to Kuwait? What is there to do, except sit in luxury hotel and drink non-alcoholic beverages?


    Plan an invasion of Iraq,,,,, oh sorry no, that one’s been done already 😉


    tell you what not to do………….

    get drunk and sh*g a complete stranger on the beach!

    Spent less than a day there about 5 weeks back so can’t be much help, but top tip is to get your visa before you go so that you don’t spend 90 minutes in the queue waiting for the visa computer system to be fixed

    Masturbate furiously


    Well worth getting down to the souk / market area. A great place to wander around and shop in. You could go up Liberation Tower if it is clear. Opposite the tower is a car park – over the car park is a good shop to buy electronics & esp Casio watches in – G-Shocks etc at V cheap prices. The gold souk is good, but very middle eastern gold. The Sharq Centre is very Western if you want that.


    Eat in TGI Fidays and note the bar area with nothing in it. I had heard that Kuwait was not always “Dry”.


    There is a fantastic Indian restaurant on the Al Jahra roundabout if thats your thing. Marina Crescent is also a very good area to find restaurants of all sorts, though its not cheap.

    The Shark Centre is only really worth a look if you really, really miss bland shopping centres in the UK. Word of advice though, don’t chat up the local women no matter how stunning some of them may be as the local chaps (who are usually strolling through the Shark holding hands with their male lovers) don’t like it.

    Oh and I can heartily recommend the Radisson SAS Hotel in Kuwait City. Their private beach is pretty nice and many of the ex-pat ladies hang out there during the day.


    Thanks, chaps – I will likely have one free day before a meeting, so those tips should do nicely 🙂

    (epo-aholic: wasn’t that Dubai?)


    Find the Nomads rugby club. They are a nice bunch of expats who might help you with dryness 😉
    The shopping centres are worth a look but be aware that some are family only on some days. The Shark centre mentioned earlier used to be fine. If you are driving be very careful. They are complete nut jobs and if you have an accident it WILL be your fault. I think it is Hawalli where you can buy ANY software you require for much cheapness. 😯

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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