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  • What time do you go to bed/how many hours sleep ?
  • Premier Icon Andy R

    I’m in bed most nights by 10:30, up at 6:30.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Somewhere between 10 and 2am with 4 to 8 hrs never enough.


    weekdays am in bed around 10, sleep by 10.30 and up at 6am.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    between 11pm and 12pm and until 7:30-7:45
    Just about enough.


    aim for feel ready for bed arounf 10 to 10.30ish, sometimes gets to be 11 by the time I make it into bed.

    Alarm at 7am weekdays

    Could do with more. Did 10.5 hours over the weekend, did 11 hours on the previous weekend.

    Premier Icon nemesis

    Usually 11:30 to midnight and up at 6:40

    Unless I’m riding before work in which case 11:00 and up at 5

    Premier Icon somouk

    I’m normally in bed by 11 and my alarm is at 8 unless I’m working away and then I’ll be up to suit my journey time.

    The Mrs works alternating early/late shifts so I occasionally get woken up by her alarm at 05:30 but that just means time to go for a run in the morning.

    Hob Nob

    Normally asleep by 10.30, up at 5.30.


    between 11pm and 12pm and until 7:30-7:45
    Just about enough.

    This ^ (up a little earlier).
    Had to get up at 5:00am on Monday to get daughter #1 to school to get to a a rowing event – I was wrecked that night! god knows how she/they managed it as they didn’t get back until 10:00pm
    Got to do it again on Saturday and we’re out that night πŸ™


    Usually asleep by 11pm. Girlfriend gets up at 5:20, me at 6:15.

    Constantly knackered.


    Bed, between 2130 and 2200 most weekdays and up at 0630 nearly every day.
    Occasionally I’ll watch something on telly but invariably I scoot off to bed to watch it then fall asleep within 15mins anyway.

    Premier Icon nemesis

    That’s rowing for you, sharkbait πŸ™‚


    Midnight, get woken at 4 am by neighbour – back to sleep a couple hours later, get up 9.30 isn. Feel shit mostly but coping with it more of late!


    Need at least 7 to feel ok, 8 to be at my best. Anything less isn’t pretty.


    10:30 – 11:00, up at 7am latest as that’s when the kids get us up. It’s just about enough, if I get much less these days I start getting grumpy.

    Edit: Actually I think the problem for me isn’t the amount of sleep but the amount of unbroken sleep. Generally one of the kids will wake up for a wee and the other will have a moan about something or other. I’ll wake at the slightest sound from them so probably get about 2-4 hours unbroken. For a while I was sleeping right through and felt really good.


    Didn’t we just do this…? πŸ˜•


    21:30 – 22:00 and the alarm goes off at 06:00
    If I am on site then I go to bed at 20:30 and the alarm goes of at 04:15


    Bed by 12 most night up at 7am

    clearly not enough !


    Bed at 9pm up 5.30, usually awake around 4ish.
    If its my wkend off i may stop up till 10 and have a lie in till 6.30.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Bed normally around 10.30 then up at 6am everyday.

    If I’m out riding I might not get in until midnight. Generally don’t feel tired, I think when I do it’s more the 12 hours at work than the amount of sleep to be honest!

    I still wake up by 7 at the weekends and I go to bed later so don’t think I’m in a sleep deficit at all really.


    12.30pm – 1am then awake at 6am, though generally slumber for a bit. I tend not to need much sleep for the brighter half of the year.


    Didn’t we just do this…

    deja vu for me too


    I work 12hr days and nights and only get about 5-6 hours sleep , up at 4am on day shift , no wonder I’m always knackered.


    Sleep at about 12 ish depending what’s on may fall asleep on the sofa and get woken by the boy at about 1 then 4 then up at 6.30/7 am not nearly enough sleep but need to start hitting bed properly when commute starts again next week


    11pm, up at 5am.


    Reading the above I’m getting no where near enough sleep. Normally in bed between 11.30pm and Midnight up again at 6.40am.
    I’m not usually that tired on a night but knackered on a morning. Strange thing is with or without an alarm, I’m up at the same time every day which is annoying on a weekend. If I go bed later I’m normally awake within 1/2 hour of my normal wake up time. Only time I can really sleep longer than this is if I’ve had a skin full the night before.


    In bed for just after 10 Sunday to Thursday, read for a bit then light off for around 10:30, up at 6am latest but usually awake about 5:30 am. Ride 20 miles to work, 20 home and I’m pretty much **** most of the time, I could sleep right now.

    Lots of worries at the moment so not getting quality sleep either.

    Stay up till about midnight at the weekends if I can stay awake, would be very unusual to sleep past 7am.


    It makes no odds what time I go to bed…

    Before her- she’ll wake me up because ‘I can’t get to sleep with that racket you’re making’.

    After her – she’ll keep coming down asking ‘When are you coming to bed? I can’t get to sleep until you’re in bed too’.


    Thereafter, the amount of sleep depends on whether I get a call out/someone wets their bed/there is a bear or crocodile spotted during the night, shite like that!

    Bed by 10 falling asleep varies from either 10:30 – midnight normally awake 5:30 then drift off again after a pee alarm at 7. I usually wake up a few times in the night never get more than 5-6 hours but I seem to manage on that.


    Bed ~12. Usually asleep somewhere after 1230 when the neighbour has turned off her TV. Wake up at: ~330 when deliveries for the warehouse arrive; ~5am when the seagulls nesting in the flat opposite me wakeup; 7am when my housemate’s alarm goes off. I usually drag myself out by 815. If the earplugs don’t fall out I get a full night’s sleep.

    I slept better when I lived right next to the WOE mainline & a train washing machine.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    I work offshore so have to cope with –

    2 weeks of Midday-midnight shift:
    Excellent, Bed 00:30 ~ 07:00, then 5hrs to myself (gym, movie, food).

    2 weeks of Midnight-midday shift:
    Terrible, sleep a few hours in the afternoon if I’m lucky, for a few days, gradually fatigue gets me and then one 10hr long sleep of death (repeat).

    4 weeks at Home: bed by 23:00, 7hrs every night. and a post lunch 30min shut eye!

    And international flights to mess up the start and end of the cycle.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Normally in bed 10.30 isn, asleep 11.30 ish. Alarm goes off at 7.

    and yes we did this last week.

    Next week looks bad, flying to Utah for two day business trip, so with jet lag and two very long flights I expect to be absolutely shattered…..


    Work week on week off.

    Week on asleep for 1130-1230 to 0530
    Week off asleep about 1200-0100 to 0830ish

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Up at 6am normally, 5am if I need to squeeze in some training. Want to be in bed by 9pm, lucky if I make it by 10pm, normally closer to 11pm. πŸ˜₯

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Off to bed between 1:30 and 2:00, sometimes a bit later. Usually up around 7;00.


    get to bed around 10:30/11 and get up 5:30/6 depending on cats hunger level. always find it easier to get up earlier if i have done exercise the previous day.


    If I’m cycling in I’ll usually be in bed about 22:30, set the alarm for 5:30. I’ll be awake about 3:00 though normally.
    Driving in, I get an extra half hour so in bed about 11:00, set alarm for 6:00. Still awake at 3:00 mind.

    Friday night I’ll stay up late, say 2am, if I’m really, really lucky (and have had a few beers), I’ll wake up about 7:00 then snooze for an hour. Love Saturday mornings.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    Got an eleven week old with severe reflux, so bed at around 12:30 and back up at 04:00 πŸ™ no time for going back to bed before work. That’s on a good night. Feel very…..wrong, yeah let’s go with wrong πŸ˜•

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    In bed by 9-1030 then up at 230. Try to have a sleep in the afternoon after a quick a ride.


    bed between 11 and 12, up between 6 and 7.
    more than enough.

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