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  • What the noisiest bike you've ridden?
  • Premier Icon rickon

    wonnyj’s Trek Top Fuel. Jesus… shock eyelets worn, bushes worn, brearings worn, BB threads destroyed, so had an insert put in, which corroded, so failed…..

    When he took it to LoCo sounded like someone had trapped the head of a parrot in a revolving door.

    Skwaaarrrrrk! Skwaaarrrkkk! Skwaaaarrrrrk!


    GT LTS mine squeaked and creaked not matter what I did. Couple of mates had them and there’s never made a noise. Got so fed up with it that I sold it, other than that it was a great bike.

    Premier Icon rickon

    My Mojo isnt too loud but does make some noise, problem is the noise sounds like its all in the swingarm/ generally behind you.

    Take the hanger off, clean it, grease it and put it back on. Worth a try.


    My CCM with Remus race exhaust set off car alarms but my Harley 45 chop with straight through pipes, would set off house alarms and caused a neighbour to fall off a ladder……


    I borrowed it for a single race run and couldn’t hear myself think.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Ducati Sport classic.

    Ktm 950 sm.

    Close the throttle and it sounded like a bunch of messerschmitts

    I miss it so very much.

    It went round corners like a bmx, bars a foot off the ground, jamming crazy, like Matt Hoffman with a fiery anus.


    Mike from Banchory – scared the hell out of me!

    My old Santa Cruz Heckler always squeaked and creaked no matter what I did or LBS did to cure it, I got used to it but it annoyed my riding buddies 😆 I taught it a lesson my knocking it off my roof rack in a carpark. It got replaced with a nice quite Turner DW 5 Spot 😀

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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