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  • Trunks are quite sexy.

    ye but not so once they are put on… 😳

    Premier Icon nickjb

    This style speedo:

    Not as offensive as tiny, tight classic speedos but not pro either

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    For proper swimming, its got to be jammers.
    (For messing about in the pool with the kids, its board shorts)

    Word of warning if you’ve got a cyclist’s physique, I found the Speedo ones were horribly tight on my thighs, they properly cut in. Aquasphere are much more comfortable. They are a tad shorter than cycling shorts, giving a lovely inch or so of white skin above the tan-line!


    Speedo endurance jammers. Always reduced from wiggle. About 18 quid

    IMO worth about 40 seconds in 400m over small baggy shorts.


    I’m a big fan of these;


    You’ve got to look good, especially if you’re going slow.


    Be like our relay team and go pink

    [video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjKEiABQ6Pc%5B/video%5D

    On a more serious note jammers and trunks are good, budgie smugglers hmmm! I now just wear trunks or jammers when at the beach and to top it off a swimming cap(it helps with the brain freeze).


    Get a pair of these and your Mrs will be begging you to go back to the Speedo’s:

    my speedo’s are considered offensive (according to the mrs)
    any recommendations?
    not sure i could get away with ‘jammers’ as im not a pro by any means, or are there definite benefits to wearing them at not pro level!!

    i guess im looking for a halfway between a jammer and short?

    +1 for jammers for the pool, shorts for the beach.

    oh dear god!! 😯


    I am surprised no mankini images yet.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    On a similar swimming note, can anyone recomend some goggles?
    I’ve got a pair of cheap Zoggs I bought from Wiggle a year or so ago, but they’re a bugger for leaking if I don’t get them on my big head perfectly.
    They’re must be design out there that is more flexible and better sealing?

    Premier Icon iainc

    goggles – I use Speedo speed sockets, They are titally sealed, which for me is a must, as I wear contacts in the pool. I put them on before getting in the water, swim 2.5k, get out and my eyes are as they were !


    I use Zoggs predators and they are really good.


    +1 for Zoggs predators and Speedo jammers – both great bits of kit.

    The thing to remember about goggles is that – like bike helmets – some just won’t fit certain head/face shapes. Takes a while to find a good pair, but definitely worth the effort/expense!

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Speedsockets here – decathlon were silly cheap for them when I last bought, and I also have a fat head.


    Just bought some prescription goggles for under £20.

    Will report back if I go blind!


    Another vote for zoggs predators, speedo goggles don’t work for me, but speedo jammers do 🙂



    I have speedo endurance swimming trunks and I can totally recommend them. Only thing I would say is that they are *very* hard wearing – I’ve had mine for 10 years now, and they still look fine on the outside (the white inside is slightly grey though), so I can’t justify replacing them, so make sure you buy a style you’d be happy wearing in 10 years. Mine are proper speedo small trunks, which I’m cool with still, but most people would rather wear jammers nowadays (and jammers are supposed to be very slightly faster too).

    Goggles are different for everyone, nothing to do with price or quality of brand, all to do with whether they fit your head.

    They also wear out over time if you swim a lot and start to leak. Especially I think if you swim somewhere with sand or gritty mud when you’re getting out. A pain if you buy expensive ones (which don’t appear to last any longer). Most pros use an almost new pair of goggles for any important race. I tend to lose them quicker than I wear them out, I’m a right bugger for losing goggles. I also had a pair eaten by a toddler pretending to be a dog, teeth through the seal = instant ruined goggles. Oh, and the anti fog wears off roughly straight away, so everyone ends up spitting on their goggles before they start a swim, that only really matters outdoors though.

    I usually spend between a fiver and a tenner on goggles, because I like a soft fit.

    My current pair are arenas, they’ve lasted all summer, and I’ve been swimming an awful lot almost exclusively in rivers or lakes, so I’d rate them.

    I also had TYR goggles – I wouldn’t rate them, they have a stupid thin strap, and if the strap breaks they won’t fit a normal replacement, so it’s new goggles time, and otherwise they weren’t that good either, got foggy uppy very quickly. I think I had Zoggs and Speedo before that, they were fine too.

    There is also a trend amongst a lot of very good swimmers, particularly pool swimmers, for the swedish style goggle – these are dirt cheap, unpadded, and come as a kit where you tie the nose bridge together just right for you. Some people also file down the edges of the eye cups to make them smooth. Worth a try as they cost next to nothing – eg.these.

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