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  • MrSmith

    i want a frame. i can't decide between the same frames that everyone else has or something really hard to get hold of from overseas at a premium price? or something more expensive than the amstrad (pile em high sell em cheap)frames or something with a green and yellow sticker on?
    tell me how much you love yours and how it's so much better downhill than your unused expensive boutique full-suss, and how you are faster than your friends on expensive imported exclusive multi pivot frames.

    praise the designer for doing such amazing work and be so gushingly sycophantic that a small amount of bile is produced by those who don't get 'steel is real'.

    fill your boots, it's been a few days since a steel hardtail thread.


    before i begin, would you rather i wax lyrical about the pine mountain or the alpine

    see, steel frames even have the most beautiful names

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I recently got a Gary Fisher Ferrous frame off the classifieds.

    Compared with my other steel frame (Inbred) I'd say it was 'better' but the back end is probably a bit stiffer.

    I don't have the both built the same so there's obviously variation due to kit and not frame.

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    Sounds more like you need a ti frame to me. Possibly one with twisted tubes. Or one that's all bendy.


    no Ti is just a 'ive more money than sense option'

    steel is for them that like to say they cant afford anything more, but still want the best

    (EDIT: ignoring an identical geometry Ally frame thats cheaper and lighter and wont rust)

    Ti has schmexy welds Steel has three digit numbers and ping/zing


    I thought you'd already owned all the main options at some point anyway!


    Hmm, it all depends. Is sir going to singlespeed it? Bottle opener dropouts are de rigeur and remember to praise the importer of over-priced handcrafted coggery for being so wonderfully charitable as to make these glories of Creation available for sale. Or perhaps sir would prefer a Rohloff? If we dig far enough I suspect we may discover new depths of nichery and perceived exclusivity. Or that, possibly, there is no limit to it at all….


    MrSmith, replace the shock in your trance for a wooden block and get ratboy to spray the frame rust coloured. Should look suitably niche

    Evil Sovereign

    It just IS.


    Kinesis Deacde, just put mine together yesterday after riding an on one 456 (singlespeed converted) for a year….while the afore mentioned full susser sat gathering dust in the garage. loving it so far, and it's singlespeed/geared as you wish. £275 for the frame's not bad either.

    sam r

    Voodoo Bizango 853
    bought from spicy lingerie seller from Taiwan off eBay 😯
    replaced a '94 RM Blizzard, a bike I loved.
    Build quality not as neat as the RM, but easily on par with Cotic. Has nice cowled Breezer dropouts if you care about that sort of thing. I chose it over the 4130 Wanga as I didn't want the fugly & heavy, slidey dropouts.
    It is simply awesome on singletrack, climbs excellently and handles brutal local peak district rockery. On the latter, with the rebas, std QR & no frame gussets you can feel the front triangle yaw & twist a little. I don't think this is necessarily a flaw. Think compliance rather than outright flex. A 456 is no doubt stiffer in this respect. A 456 is probably 1.5lbs heavier too. Horses for roundabouts. Or something. Whatever, I like it a lot.


    Make sure that no matter what frame you go for, you make a point of namechecking the owner of the company as much as possible on here, despite them not knowing you from Adam. 😀


    Overseas and premium price – that'll be Scapin then (hi Stefano).
    Otherwise the Pipedream Sirius looks amazing VFM for 853 and sliding dropouts at £299


    no no oversea and premium price it HAS to be french 😉


    2nds for the Pipedream Sirius!!!…got one and its the best thing ever!!!!


    thread over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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