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  • taxi25

    probably even more boring than ” What tyre “But I’m a bit stuck.
    I’m building up some new wheels for my good summer bike, Campagnolo record hubs, stans ztr Alpha 340 rims but I can’t decide on the spokes.
    I realy fancy c-xray but their pretty expensive ! I build my own wheels but never used them. Any Problems building with them ? are they worth the cost.
    Second option is Sapim laser with maybe some race spokes on the drive side of the rear. This seems the safe option, but I can’t help thinking I’ll regret not using the c-xray’s as this is more or less my dream wheelset.

    Personally if i was building on Campag record hubs and c-xrays were my dream spoke set…then that’s what I’d use.


    I used C-Xrays for building up some posh cross wheels last year. Yes, they are bloody expensive but they are also light, strong and really nice 🙂

    Premier Icon mboy

    How many spokes per wheel?

    Do you ride fast enough to benefit from (the very tiny) aero advantage?

    Personally, I’d probably not bother, and go for DT Super Comps which are very nearly as light but quite a bit cheaper.

    CX Rays are a bit of a PITA to build too, as you’ve got to consciously remove any spoke wind up as you tension the wheel, whereas on a round spoked wheel its less important. If that makes any sense?


    cerainly don’t ride fast enough to benefit much from the aero advantage, but every little helps. More a case of treating myself realy. I like nice kit even if there’s no real benefit.
    I know what you mean about spoke wind up, I’ve got a tool to hold flat spokes when tighening them.

    p.s 32 spokes per wheel so about £120/30 for c-xrays “ouch !!”

    I wouldnt use super comps on the rear in my experience.


    cx-rays = waste of money. No lighter than revs etc, better fatigue life, rarely relevant.

    Treat yourself on something worthwhile!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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