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  • Premier Icon richard

    Celestion SL12Si which are still really rather good, but need lots of power. I’ve had them 20 years, and they were a good few years old when I bought them! Also have a REL Stygian sub, which fills the bass out a little. Well it did until the amp failed, still on the list of things to fix.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Kef IQ10, IQ30 , IQ60c and IQ50 for the surround sound.

    Kef IQ90s for the HiFi powered by 4 Rotel RB850s running as mono blocs.


    Tannoy Revolution R3’s and B&W 601 S3’S.


    ATC SCM 40 Actives. I’ve just got these having traded down from 50s to suit my new, smaller listening room. I would never go back to passives.

    Tannoy Eyris 3 🙂

    Too many I’ve been told.

    One room has Monitor Audio GR60s for 5.1 these are combined with a B&W CC3 centre, a Tannoy SFX sub, and a couple of Tannoy SFXs for the rear.

    Another has some KEF Q55s combined with a Tannoy SFX centre, and a couple of Tannoy SFXs for the rear.

    Then on the landing I have a pair of Morduant Short MS904s with nowhere to go.


    KEF Q20 fired up by a NAIM Uniti.


    In the loft space I’ve got a pair of lovely bookshelf speakers (I THINK they’re Denon branded B+O ones)..nothing to drive them..

    Around the house I’ve 3 amazon echos (sound OK..clearly not audiophile quality, but makes listening to music on the fly SOOOO easy).
    In the lounge I’ve a pair of Q acoustic BT3 speakers connected to an echo dot. Sounds fantastic – really impressed!


    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Lots of great kit in this thread.

    Quad 22L in the hifi system.

    Quad 21l + L series centre and some Mission made Denons as tears in the home cinema.


    So got my ps3 to hdmi to TV, and TV to amp using optical. Listening to Spotify “what hifi” playlist. Amp on direct, sub off, kids in bed. Just blown away by the sound of acoustic guitar. I did not expect these cerwins to be quite so great sounding. Almost too good at times as I’m hearing fret buzz and wondering if one of the drivers might be iffy! Lol (they’re not, BTW)


    Linn Kans ably driven by a Linn LK-280.


    Celestion Ditton 44 that I utterly love, except the other week on one the blinking metal tweeter shield came off due to the old glue and shorted itself to death so now I’m faced with the virtually impossible task of finding another good hf2000 tweeter or risking a pair of modern replacements that could alter the sound.

    I’ve also just bought a set of quad esl57 that are stunning.

    Celestion Ditton 66 I’m trying to find now.

    ourmaninthenorth how do you find the quad 22l?

    i keep looking at them on ebay and am thinking about trying a pair.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I’ve also just bought a set of quad esl57 that are stunning.

    Incredible just how good those things are after all these years.

    Spendor A6r’s driven by Audiolab 8000a, soon to be replaced but not sure what with yet, possibly Croft series 7 or Rega Elicit R. Front end is Clearaudio Concept and Squeezebox Touch streaming FLAC.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I have a pair of What HiFi’s Speaker of the Year from….. 1989… Rogers LS4a, and I love them, Abul Mogard is certainly sounding good on them just now. Have replaced the tweeters mind.

    Fostex monitors for music/sound design

    Some Mission bookshelf things for the telly because they do overhyped bass better than the Rogers.

    If I win the lottery, I will buy some of these, which a friend has in his studio and are superb http://www.munrosonic.com/egg150-monitoring-system/overview/


    A pair of 1991 TDL Studio 2’s driven by a 1981 Mission 777 power amp and audiolab m-dac.
    Thunderous bass but not overwhelming.
    In the shed I have one of them Chinese muse mini amp thingies driving a pair of JPW mini monitors.


    Celestion Studio Monitor 66, got given them nearly thirty years ago by my dads mate as his wife said they reminded her of children’s coffins!
    Mid-range was replaced by a similar dyn audio dome midrange as I couldn’t find any other MD500’s after celestion stopped rebuilding them pre-internet.
    Currently waiting on funds to replace the cross over caps, but funds are also needed to replace my Q Acoustics sub (that is faulty again!) and leverage a disc brake winter bike (Holdsworth Elan?)……


    Leema Accoustics Xero

    Ooh used to have their antecedents the Xens in a 5.1 setup, fabulous, but could never really afford an amp that did them justice. Binned off 5.1 but kept the sub (couldn’t sell it) and paired them with some Focal Aria 906s – they’re great but I’ve got a hankering for something else. Possibly active. Possibly PMC. Dunno.

    Before the Xens I had some Celestion Ditton 25’s which were lovely but I blew them up.

    Just bought a Sonos Play 1 for the kitchen – absolutely bobbins – can’t believe the amazing reviews they get. I hear they’re meant to be pretty good for classical, folk etc but they fail hard with the Metal \m/ Looking for something to replace it with.


    +1 for Celestion Dittons

    ‘Proper’ Hi-Fi ‘speakers – when Hi-Fi used to be all about the music, not about ‘soundstage’ ‘detail’ and the rest

    Dittons are foot tappers, and ‘speakers you can listen to for hours

    I had a pair of B&W 802’s for a while – while they could do ‘Hi-Fi’ really well, with the potential for making fireworks, they were boring

    Tannoy Revolution XT’s

    Premier Icon legalalien

    2x Kef iQ9s
    2x Kef iQ5s
    1x Kef Q9C
    Run by an Arcam AVR350

    Bought the lot about 10 years ago and I’m still happy with it all apart from the Arcam’s lack of HDMI capability.


    In the man-cave/studio I’ve got some ESI UniK 08 powered monitors.
    These were a ‘cheap’ replacement for some Genelec monitors that went pop, but I actually prefer the sound of them.
    Maybe not quite as neutral as the Genelecs, but the ribbon tweeter sounds amazing, and the bass response from the 8″ kevlar drivers is great – no need for a sub like the Genelecs.

    [/url]Man cave by tom harrison, on Flickr[/img]


    Monitor Audio Silver 8 with Roksan amp. Currently listening to Vicious Delicious by Infected Mushroom on them post ride.


    Snell Acoustics E/ii – 80’s American hifi – sounds absolutely fantasic. Powered by a Quad 405 but they deserve better.

    Also a pair of Wharfdale Diamonds in the study, plus a Bose Soundlink mini in the kitchen/garage/garden/camping or wherever I take it to which is far better than it has any right to be given it’s teeny size.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Systemdek Systym 935 inherited from my dad. Mated to a Cyrus 3 amp, power supply and CD player, we debuted several combinations of speakers, amps and CD players, and decided this was the best out of them. I now have the system, but it’s really in a room that’s too small and boxy to get the best out of it.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I’m sure it’s a nice piece of kit but “ye cannae change the laws of physics, cap’n”.


    Celestion Ditton 15xr’s – owned from new (1979)

    Heybrook HB1’s – bought off a mate in 1990

    Castle Howard S2’s – owned from new (1991)

    Kef KHT2005’s – bought this year for £60 – bargain!

    The Castle speakers are 1/4 wave floorstanders. Proper hifi! I don’t think there is anything under £2k that would better them.


    AE 301’s. Stunning little standmounts too hooked up to Audiolab 8200CDQ and 8200 amp

    ATC SCM50 ASL paired with the C4 12″ sub.

    The Frozen soundtrack never sounded so good 🙄

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    the-muffin-man – Member 
    An old pair of Mission 700s like these…

    Still got my old Missions. 7 series pack. 700s, 70 rear, 70c1 (I think) centre.

    Done fine for years. Don’t even have a sub, but packs a good rumble in movies.


    B&w 685 downstairs powered by Roksan Kandy

    B&w 601 s3 powered by denon dab receiver.

    Premier Icon oink1

    Epos ES11 on dedicated stands powered by Naim NAC72, Hi Cap, NAP250 & CD3 😀


    I would like some floorstanders for my new house as the lounge is miles bigger than the last house but I’m struggling to find a set at a proper Yorkshire price (i.e. Cheap!).

    Would love some older mission speakers as my 731’s I used to own years ago are still my favourites.

    Premier Icon bennn

    Neat Acoustic Motive SE2’S, sound amazing to my (admittedly untrained) ears.


    Bowers CM5s.
    Best sound i’ve ever had, even when being driven from my modest Marantz PM6006. In fact, I recently sold my ‘keepers’ (NEAT Mystiques) on the strength of the CM5s being so darned good.

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    The PM6006 is an amazing little amp for the money. Outshone (on everything except faster baselines where it struggled) some much more expensive kit when I tested amps out.

    I was really surprised at how big a difference there was between them.

    Premier Icon bennn

    Forgot to mention they’re powered via a Denon AVR amp, not sure which one exactly, but again sounds good (to me!)


    Agreed, traded an Elicit R for the PM6006, as I really struggled to difinitively tell you where the extra £1400 was going..

    I wanna buy a speaker as well. Apparently I am using the new macbook pro and the sound is legitly good.

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