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  • What speakers do you have?
  • Dynaudio


    Various pairs of LS3/5as.

    Mostly listening to a Stirling Broadcast V2 set at the moment, sitting on top of their AB-2 bass extenders.

    Got several sets of the 11ohm version as ‘spares’ and my best pair is a set of 11ohm varient with external Cicable crossovers and mounted in the thin-wall version of the LS3/5a cabinet. Combined with the AB-2 they are very nice.

    Also got a couple of pairs of JR149s which I play occasionally but not often. I might set one pair up in the garage for when I am doing a Zwift/trainer session, as I have the matching wall brackets for them.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I lied! Mine are B&W DM602s.

    pair of 25yr old Snell Acoustics, fed by an equally ancient Audio Incinerations valve amp from my laptop. Sounds effin Ace!

    Monitor Audios.


    B&W 805’s here. Feel no urge to change.

    JBL Control 5s – 3 of ’em.

    Tannoy monitors (model unknown) – 2 of these.

    And some type of Subwoofer (don’t know the make).

    Hooked up to an AV Amp – sounds okay.


    Dynaudio audience 42s still just about going after replacing the mid/bass drivers. Was a big purchase in my student days, turned out to be a good long term investment.

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    To be fair, IBLs and SBLs are in the loft.
    That just isn’t right.

    Don’t currently have the space for them and neither have the crossovers as I was active at the time. I’ll not be selling them, though at some point they might go on permanent loan.

    Elac B6 wired to a Naim Nait 2 and a Project turntable.

    B&W DM600 with some all-in-one thing for Spotify/Dab duties in the kitchen.

    A mixture of Q Acoustic (fronts & centre) and M&K (rears and sub) for TV / projector watching in one room and a mixture of M&K / Cambridge on another TV.

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    Sonus Faber 5.1 (sub is a Rel). All driven by a relatively cheap Onkyo receiver as it fitted in the cupboard.

    Premier Icon CountZero

    Nothing fancy, I just don’t have space, but my Sony SA-VE705 satellite system has given me great pleasure for around eighteen years, along with the Yamaha DSP-AX2 amp they’re paired with.

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    I have some Mission 773e

    Premier Icon neilarn2

    Dali Zensor 5’s

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Dali Lektor 6 Floorstanders


    Main ones are a pair of Linn Tukans that I bought new in 94. Additionally, I have a pair of JPW Mini Monitors that are probably even older in the dining room.

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    Additionally, I have a pair of JPW Mini Monitors that are probably even older in the dining room.

    I’ve got a pair of those still going strong in my bedroom system!

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    Paradigm Mini-Monitors, probably Mk1, circa 2000 vintage. They whip the llama’s ass.

    Chatting to a sales droid in Richer a few years ago, he reckoned they were the best speakers they’d ever sold.

    Jamo Concert 8’s here. Long since out of production but can’t find any compelling reason to part with them.


    LS3/5a, although now in daughter #1’s room with the rest of my hifi.
    Reminds me – anyone in Somerset/Devon want to buy a Monolith DF sub-woofer (oak veneer)? Probably under 50 hours use.
    (Apparently not a good match with Quad ESL-2812s, but worked nicely with the Rogers and the home cinema for the brief time it ran).

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    ATC SCM20 coupled with a pair of Harbeth studio sub woofers.
    I lust after a pair of active SCM40s. Or a much bigger house and SCM300As.


    While we are in a soundy mood, I want to improve the sound out of my telly. I don’t want a sound bar, just a pair of small good looking speakers run by one of those little amps from Amazon.


    Meridian DSP 5200 – amazing

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    The shed system is a pair jbl control 1 pro monitors ( the old ones not the newer shit ones ) and a Yamaha 12inch active sub for the low stuff.

    Mostly listen to electronic music so delicacy isn’t nessesary, however, punch, weight and dynamics are.


    Still have my colossal AE-109s that I bought with my first student loan in the 90s. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I don’t think I’ve ever played them at more than a quarter of full volume.

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    A pair of TDL RTL II’s that I must have bought around ’97 or so.
    It was between those and some B&W 602s…
    But Richer Sounds were doing the TDLs for half price so that was that.
    I also auditioned some Mordaunt Short MS25s which had so little bass I had to check they hadn’t been wired out of phase.

    The foam on the front of the TDLs where the transmission line bit exits has degraded and needs replacing but apart from that they are fine.

    Love some of those mentioned above and fully agree that N+1 applies to speakers as well.

    Always wanted a pair of the ATC’s and either some LS3/a or some Splendors.

    Currently the main set up is a pair of 1972 Mordaunt Short MS700 (cast piezo horn tweeter) and a pair of MS400 pushed my a pair of AR Cambridge A60’s built in to a pre/power and separate power amps with the power supplies in a separate box bought from this very forum.

    Do a very good impression of having a band / orchestra a few feet away when you turn them up appropriately.

    Kitchen stereo is a pair of old B&W 601 again actually bought cheap from this very forum.

    Also got a couple of pairs of B&W DM2’s knocking around that are now basically spares or repairs that need a home as soon as I find someone to collect them.


    Zu Druid

    ‘Full range’ 10″ dia ‘speakers, along with 101db efficiency means they go house shaking loud with flea power valve amps (my Leben valve amp is ~10wpc)

    Very musical sound

    Beware though, once you go full range you can never go back to multi-driver ‘speakers as you’ll always hear the separate drivers

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    I have an old pair of Mordaunt Short MS916’s probably 13 years old and a 20+ year old pair of Mission 700’s (Or 700 somethings – can never remember…). Neither probably pass the audiophile test – but both sound fine to me.


    Mission 780SEs

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I have four Q aquostics speakers in the man cave office. Two 2050 floor standers and a pair of 2020 shelf speakers. Although I do have a mate who works in the returns deparment.


    Linn ninkas in the living room, and an old pair of linn index 2’s in the kitchen diner.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Tannoy Dual Concentric Cones.

    Bought new in 1985 for more than I could afford, still sound great.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    A mate used to have these, PMC MB2 along with Meridian pre-amp and Rotel power amp – all custom built and fettled to work well together, he was a BBC sound engineer for 25yrs and his primary work/love was R3 classical live recordings/broadcasts so he was rather fussy with his personal sound signature. Unfortunately he moved to cyprus last year so it was all sold for a small fortune, i told him i’d look after it all but he declined 😉

    I used to love house/cat sitting as i’d blast out my choice of tunes (electronic/techno) and it was a wonderful way to rearrange my internal organs 😀

    Never heard such a powerful system in my life and i doubt i’ll ever hear such sounds again.


    Dali zensor1s in the house and mission mx1s in the workshop

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    [url=]IMG_20170214_194315[/url] by rjpenny1, on Flickr

    Since we’re doing pics, here’s one of an S-600 and the current system.

    Premier Icon timber

    AE evo ones that replaced some vintage Monitor Audios at the start of uni’. Don’t often play them loud now I’m a grown up with neighbours.


    Recently upgradedto this with a Onkyo TX-NR 656 , holy potatoes! the sub is awesome.

    Ho hum

    I picked up a second hand pair of Kudos C20 speakers a few months ago.

    By ‘eck they sound good 🙂

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    Mordant Short MS20i Pearl Edition from RS in 1999 with my student loan – one of the few things of value I got from a degree in fine art (another being the Cambridge Audio A2 amp). Both still good but in comparison to other amp/speaker combos relatively light on the bass side of things.

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