What sort of frame size should I be looking at for my wife? (boring, ‘pologies)

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  • What sort of frame size should I be looking at for my wife? (boring, ‘pologies)
  • poppa

    Hi all, looking to buy one of these frames to chuck some bits on for my wife: http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/?fn=product&productId=433&categoryId=87

    She is about 5’5″ with an inside leg of about 30″ (I think). I was thinking the 14.5″ or 15″??

    Sorry for the boring topic, but it would be a great help if I could get some advice!


    Go for small as poss. My mum is 5’4″ and got a 13″ commencal, for the first time ever she has a sensible amount of seatpost!


    There’s no hard and fast rule. I’m 5 foot 4 and ride a medium specialized which is bigger than those frames.


    Thanks for the info – it’s a hard question to definitively answer I know. At the moment I am tending toward the 15″ – I would hope to be able to be able to fine-tune the reach etc with stem length, seatpost layback and so forth. The only thing I really want to get right is the standover height.

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    The only thing I really want to get right is the standover height.

    Yep – that’s got to be the priority, otherwise it’ll always feel big/uncomfortable (even if it actually “fits” wehn being ridden.

    My wife’s 5′ 6″ and of her bikes the 14″ Inbred frame fits her by far the best.


    go to a bikeshop and tryout some bikes roughly that size? or is it a suprise?


    i actually bought one of those in 14.5 a while back.
    looks like they’ve added sizes in between since.
    i’m 5ft 6in and the 14.5 was fine with a longer stem (100mm) and layback seatpost for me.


    Look at the top tube lenght as well – women tend to have longer legs and shorter bodies so you may well want a smaller sized frame than you think because it has a shorted top tube lenght.


    women tend to have longer legs and shorter bodies

    They do unfortunately my 5’2″ wife doesn’t so the 14″ ‘surely that must be small enough’ Kona I bought her is a bit on the large side really.

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    The Merlin frame I bought came up a little large as well, which may no longer be an issue?

    Just have a nice day out with her to visit them and try them for size….


    I have a 15″ Kona which is fine (I’m 5ft 4 1/2 with 30″ inside leg) and also an XS Giant full susser which I think is a 14″.
    Just ordered a 15″ Cube hard tail as it has the dink in the top tube to increase stand over height. True though best to just try and have a little ride around.


    Best get her to try one.
    I am 5’5 with a 31″/32″ leg, I would normally prefer a smaller frame but the main problem I have is getting the saddle high enough. Out of the bikes I’ve tried/riden recently:
    Full sus Commencal Meta 5.5, I fit the medium frame.
    Full sus Santacruz Julianna – medium
    Full sus Cube AMS (women specific) I need the 17″
    Hard tail Specialised Hardrock (women specific) 17″, also tried the Rockhopper (mans) 15″ but the saddle does not go high enough.
    Guess it all depends on the bike, and her riding preference.


    Poppa – bought that exact frame for my daughter last year – 15″ Frame and she is 5ft 5 with about a 30 inch inside leg and it is a perfect fit

    Seatpost is a good bit higher than shown on this pic when she uses it

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    Don’t know whether the geometry is the same as Rock Lobster but I’m 5’5″ with long legs. My Lobster was a 15″ with a layback seatpost. Perfect.

    FWIW my Inbred is a 14″ with a huge amount of seatpost showing.

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    Can’t help on size but just had a wee look and isn’t this a better buy?



    I would swap her for a medium sized frame

    …….sorry was I reading the question wrongly….


    Errr, I have had a complete about turn and, after chatting to the guy on the other end of the phone, ordered one of these in small:


    They look pretty good built up. Thanks to all for the advice, will let you know how I get on…

    That other Merlin 1 looks good, but I need V-bosses unfortunately. And no, I would never swap my wife for a medium frame. If it was a large, perhaps.


    Large frame that is, not wife.

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