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  • What size reverb?
  • andybanks

    Having seen the half price reverb’s I’m tempted by on for my 456.

    What’s the difference between these on the CRC site?

    31.6mm/420mm – LH Lever – 100mm Drop
    31.6mm/355mm – LH Lever – 100mm Drop

    Is it just the length of the seatpost itself?

    Anyone else run these and recomende them and does anyone run one on an 18″ C456 – would be interested to know whether the cable routing works best with the LH or RH lever.



    It’s, amazingly, the length….

    The short one is… erm… 355mm….

    The long one… well… I think i’ll stop.


    Suppose I was asking the obvious. Just wanted to make sure.

    Anyone running these on a C456 then and can advise on the cable routing? Now considering a RH lever to run on the underside on the LH side based on recommendations on another thread on here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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