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  • What size Chome messenger bag?
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    I want a Chrome messenger bag mostly to carry a medium sized laptop, charger, wadge of A4 paperwork and a pair of shoes. If anyone has one please give me your opinion on which size I need. I can’t find a shop with stock I can look at and can’t decide between small and medium.


    Suggest an alternative especially if it has a handle so it can be carried briefcase style. I looked at Timbuk2 bags yesterday but the flap leaves a gap each end the rain can get in so not one of those.



    I’ve got a medium, think a small would be too small for you, but my Chrome doesn’t have a handle



    I’ve got a medium/large Chrome bag for sale, black with a yellow waterproof lining. It’s strong and rugged with lots of storage. It’ll fit all of those things above and your sandwiches. It’s a bit grubby ‘cos I can’t risk putting it in a washing machine as the metal buckle might dent the drum (then I’d be in serious domestic trouble)

    It’s seen a bit of messenger action on the streets of London & NY but, other than the slight grubbyness, it’s in good condition.

    Can do photos if you’re interested. (£45 posted)]



    you could also look at Trakke. Great bags. great price

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    Thanks drofluf, your advice was spot on. I bought a medium/citizen and it is just right. The smaller mini metro mould have been too small for sure.

    Slugwash, I was tempted but that is large and I can’t have a big logo like that on a bag I will have with me at work. Shame as the price appealed.

    argyle, I checked out Trakke but the colours were a little lairy for me!

    Thanks all 🙂

    i had a Metopolis, really wanted the old Kremlin but glad they stopped making it tbh as it was like 50L! The Metropolis was too big really and i just found i was loading shite i didn’t need so i sold it. i’ve got a nice Ortlieb one now and its much better. if it wasn’t for my other half having one, i’d get a Flapjack by Osprey…only £49 😯

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