What should it come with?

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  • What should it come with?
  • spence

    If you buy a Stumpy off the shop floor what would you expect it to come with?
    ie shock pump, tubeless vales etc.

    This would be before any negotiations for pedals and such.

    Premier Icon somouk

    None of that really. I’d expect the bike on its own as advertised and maybe if you’re lucky some tape to seal the wheels pre-fitted.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Maybe a volume spacer or 2 for the fork/shock (wouldn’t be fussed if it didn’t, mind)
    Maybe valves if tyres and rims were TR.
    Maybe spacers for the discs for transport?
    These things I guess are nice to have, but not a consideration when buying.
    Def not a shock pump though, in the same way I wouldn’t expect a tyre pump or tool kit.

    Are you really not going to buy it if little things like that aren’t thrown in?

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    Included as standard?

    Obviously if it’s sold as tubeless (or TR) yes valves, tape sealant etc, but otherwise no why would you?
    No i wouldn’t expect a shock pump any more than I’d expect a mini pump, a puncture repair kit, torque wrench, bb tool, etc etc.

    I would expect reflectors, a bell, one of those horrid spoke guard things (which are great for about 2 days, before they shatter, I’ve not made of something more fragile than May’s grip on parliament would be good), crap flat pedals with reflectors (fitted).

    Of course all of the tools, valves, taping etc are negotiable but i wouldn’t expect any of them.

    Premier Icon lawman91

    Usually mid to high end MTBs come with a manual, volume spacers for the fork and occasionally tubeless valves and pads spacers for when you take the wheels out. Knowing Specialized you’ll likely get none of this. I’ve also never known a bike to come with a shock pump. Basically when buying a new bike, be prepared to get the bike and that’s your lot.


    Duly noted. Thanks

    Not bought a whole bike for 20 years. Had shock pumps with forks before and one with a frame but that was an S works back in 2004! I guess business models change. Some online offerings are listing inclusions.


    When I bought my Enduro it came with relevant manuals a small sheet of frame protection and the valves to convert the wheels to tubeless. Don’t think i’ve ever had a shock pump come with the bike.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    If its new it should have a box from Specialized with valves, tokens if required and all the instructions. The rims will be taped ready for tubeless. If it has a swat cage it should have the two swat bags in it for a tube and accessories and depending on model a swat tool above and in front of the shock.


    I’ve also never known a bike to come with a shock pump

    Giants with air rear shocks or rockshox air forks did. No idea if they do now but 10 years ago they did.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    Having recently bought a stumpy I got the seat bags and a couple of volume spacers for the forks and some valves. That’s it.


    I’ve never bought a shock pump on it’s own but I have three in my drawer, 2 rockshox and a bontrager. Pretty sure one of the rockshox came with a canyon bike I bought, the other came with a new aftermarket set of forks and I’m guessing the bontrager came with a trek rumblefish I bought. Only ever bought 2 new suspension bikes before.


    Giants with air rear shocks or rockshox air forks did. No idea if they do now but 10 years ago they did.



    I’d expect the tubeless valves if it’s sold as tubeless ready, the fancier KTM’s certainly come with them, also pad spacers, manual and little odds & sods

    Premier Icon Akers

    Varies from brand to brand in my experience.
    The build kit for my last bike came tubeless ready, with valves, tape and sealant but not much else.
    Personally I think all bikes fitted with suspension should come with spacers to correctly setup the bike for the buyer before it leaves the shop.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Giant 2018 Anthem 29 didn’t come with shock pump (didn’t expect it to) but did come with tubeless tape, tyres and valves ready fitted. Then 2 little bottles of (very good) sealant to squirt in before it left the shop so not drying out whilst in storage.

    Pretty much everything “tubeless ready” I’ve seen in last few years has come with valves.

    Premier Icon si77

    I would expect a “direct buy” bike (e.g. Canyon, Intense) to come with a tool kit and shock pump. (A bit like flat pack furniture coming with an allen key).

    Bike bought from a dealer should be built and setup at collection, so wouldn’t expect them then.

    I wouldn’t expect tubeless valves unless specified.

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