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  • What should I sell a Mk1 Cotic Soul frame for?
  • As above. No idea what its worth and can’t be bothered with postage through Ebay.

    Got a few scratches on it, in black. Not even sure of size but I’m 5’11 and it fits. Hope headset and seat collar.

    What say the hive mind?

    plus one

    £50-£100 tops on good day

    Premier Icon timmys

    Any chance you can turn it into a usable bike from your spares box? People are desperate for cheap-ish bikes at the mo so you’d probably get a reasonable amount for it.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    if its a medium and cheap enough i’ll buy it and get it powdercoated.

    email me (my username at gmail dot com) if youre interested?


    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    I paid £70 for a mk2 bfe, headset and clamp a few months back, but a quick look at ebay suggests thats on the low side- I reckon £120-£150.

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    It’s worthless. Give it to me.


    Premier Icon toby mc

    I got £175 for one a few weeks ago on ebay.
    Was surprised to say the least.


    Ebay is the best bet at the moment. Let them fight for it!

    Full bikes are worth more as newbies don’t like building bikes!

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009

    Send it to me?

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    It would match mine if I built it up for my lad….

    Premier Icon fatoldgit

    I’ve got a mk 1 soul frame I keep thinking about building up again


    It’s a right pain trying to find a suitable fork 😟

    Premier Icon mulacs

    Get it on eBay!!
    Thinking of selling mine but then I’d have to use the endurosled as the child transporter…😅🙄
    Actually i should try this. Would be a hoot.

    Premier Icon johnhe

    I’m amazed anyone is playing more than £100 for a 26 inch, straight steerer frame. Even £100 sounds surprising. I’m not saying they’re not, I’m just expressing my surprise.

    It’s got a fork too.

    Folk who might be interested from above can you message me?

    I’m Bristol based

    I was pleasantly surprised to sell my heavily used Soul Mk2 for £180 about 4 years ago, and a Fox 32RL for £220 at the same time. In the current climate it’ll probably do very well!

    I’ve just found that I hadn’t sold my wheels from my old full-sus which is a nice bonus. Still can’t find my old Reverb with attached Fabric Scoop though – how do you lose something that big?!!

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