What do you do when you’ve not got kids??? I’ve forgotten!

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  • What do you do when you’ve not got kids??? I’ve forgotten!
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    Wife and two kids have gone away for the weekend to see Granny and Grandad.

    I’ve been up for 30mins (Stonking hangover) and I’m already bored and not sure what to do. Planning to chill this afternoon and watch some films and enjoy a few beers and I was hoping to go out and do some trail maintenance this morning but that’s been called off.

    I’m not 100% fit at the moment so taking it easy today as I want to be better (hopefully) for my day’s riding tomorrow up north. So bikings out and anyway the weather is awful!

    Anyone got some suggestions on what I can do to pass the time?

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    So, you are:

    At home
    Nothing to do

    and you have the internet available.

    You could always have a ……….

    Alternatively, do some jobs around the house (DIY if needed) whilst there’s no-one about


    start the films and beer now.
    you know it makes sense.

    or you can come round to mine (2 kids and wife) and I’ll house sit for you 🙂

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    Piedi – Already done the …..

    DIY and tidy the house did cross my mind – got some washing to do as well – not that inspiring though.

    Have to go and buy some chainring bolts which could be the nighlight of the morning!!!

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    Lister – LOL!!! PMSL!!!

    Not likely! Do you know how long its been since I had a weekend to myself!!!


    well stop the whining and crack a beer open NOW for all us parents who’ve been up for HOURS watching milkshake 😉

    mind you the presenting girlies on milkshake are quite entertaining…

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    Couldn’t do without my dose of Milkshake – got it on now

    [borat]She is Velly nice – Sexy time[/borat]


    Ride your bike all day today and tomorrow?????????????????

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    My Saturdays (if I’m not riding, like today):

    – Up earlyish, grind coffee, make coffee, drink coffee.
    – Breakfast
    – Bike/drive to town for paper, whatever, bimble round shops, chat in bike shop
    – Home, read paper (more coffee?), listen to new CDs I’ve probably bought
    – Clean/maintain bikes, more music on
    – Nice lunch at some point
    – Listen to football on 5 live, bit of a tidy up
    – Cook something complicated for tea
    – G/f arrives home and my "me" time is at an end…

    It’s all go you know!

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