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  • What salary are you on & what qualifications do you have?
  • alpin

    my mates bird is a social worker (kiddie snatcher). her job involved assessing paretns competence of caring for their kids. if she felt they weren’t she had the power to take the kids away….

    quite funny really (not funny but hey-ho). we were out one time at a festival and were after some pick-me-ups. saw some bloke dealing and it’s usually her job to buy. being a girl she usually gets a better deal. but this time she refused and we had to go speak to this guy.
    turns out she was dealing with his case. he lost his kid due to being an unsavoury character with links to drug dealing.

    bit ironic really.


    Operations Manager for a large retailer, responsible for entire inventory of (millions of £’s) store, often solely responsible for customer serice and security. Risk manager and IT controller for same store. On constant call-out for security.


    Retail sucks.


    I am paid commission based on how many units my films sell. I don’t really do it for the money though as they are so much fun to make! 😉

    Well that’s the most replies I’ve ever had! & to top it off I’ve just been informed today that with the new prison service workforce modernisation wotsit thats gonna come in, I’ll be on just over 30K by April 2010! & STILL no modern qualifications! Now considering my mortgage is next to bog all….what should I spend my spare dosh on???


    Can’t belive you’ve got more replies than my ‘what do you have in your fish finger sandwich’ post!

    I think my >£40k for 6 O levels is good value, lots of on the job training and shed loads of useless certificates from various training courses, most of which are now obsolete …….. you’ve probably guessed it’s IT by now!

    It’s all building up to the big shutdown, so after paying me shedloads for years, lately for doing next to nothing, they have announced a shutdown, hopefully redundancy looms in a year or two with about 24 years service and a payoff in or around the 6 figure region!! Worst case is they find me something else to do!! 😥 🙁


    I was a bit unsure about posting on here…. Dunno whether I was feeling a bit embarrassed about what I earn, but I thought ‘**** it, I’ve worked bloody hard to get where I am and continue to work bloody hard for my money’.

    I have two degrees and a number of postgraduate qualifications and currently earn around 60-odd grand, for putting you guys (and everyone else) back together.


    9 GCSE’s
    3 A Levels
    2:1 Degree BSC Hons Environmental Science
    Used to earn close to £40k as project manager for Vodafone but jacked it in 18 months ago to be a fireman. Now on 28K, skint, but happy.

Viewing 8 posts - 201 through 208 (of 208 total)

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