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  • what saddles do you use
  • I like the Flux as it’s the same shape as a Spoon but the saddle rails creaked after a bit. Spoons I’ve had don’t do that. They just get trashed after too many crashes. I’d like to try a Knife as it looks narrower and could be more comfy. I’ll get one when one of my current Spoons gets too ratty.

    Another SDG Bel Air here too.

    I like WTB saddles, but never got on with the Rocket. The SST, Speed V and Laser spring to mind as super-comfy perches (the SST is a retro minimal masterpiece, IMHumbleO).


    9 11 stone carbon XC freak with Fizik Gobi XM on everything but my xc race bike……. (that has a WTB saddle) 😉


    a brooks B17, a funn full throttle, and a £5 mystery flyweight felt saddle from LBS bargain bucket

    all work nicely for me


    Brooks B17 special, B15 Swallow & a charge spoon.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Charge spoon and charge spoon


    Tune Speedneedle 😈

    Used SLR’s previously but my legs always rubbed the sides towards the rear of the saddle and the nose is a bit longer than it needs to be for me. The replacement is better shaped in these areas for me and an SLR has such a firm shell that it wasn’t much of a worry to switch to the equally firm Tune… comfort is all in the shape and fit IMO

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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