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  • what saddles do you use
  • just wondering what saddles do you favour for xc or trails .iv’e used slr or flite since day one.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    charge spoon, it fits my arse. the only criteria I go by

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Just started with an SLR XC, still getting used to it but have not done any longer rides than a few hours, seems OK though (for being a bit pricey).


    SDG bell air

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Charge Spoon, SDG Bel Air, Bontrager Evoke… sometimes WTB Pure V.

    Spoon’s probably become by favourite now.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Brown charge spoon.

    Premier Icon jameso

    Used to use the Velo 1205 (spoon and a load of others) which is fine for average rides but found the WTB Rocket/Volt stays comfortable for longer, ie all-day to multi-day stuff. Huge fan of WTB saddles here. But it’s personal, just worth trying one if you find the common and rightfully popular 1205 shape getting less comfy as the hours go by.


    Sells San Marco SKN. It’s too pointy at the back for MTBing though, gets snagged on stuff.

    Premier Icon benji

    Fizik Tundra2 got them on all of my bikes, road, cross and mtb.

    Premier Icon beej

    WTB Rocket V on the MTB, Specialised Romin evo on the road. Took a long time to find a road bike saddle that worked for week long events, struck lucky with WTB early on – I think it was OE on my first decent bike.


    As a former Flite addict, I’ve found Charge Spoons and Knife very good.


    Fizik Gobi XM

    Premier Icon lunge

    SSG bel-Air on one MTB, charge spoon on the other. Much prefer the bel-air


    charge spoon 🙂


    Fizik Ariones for me, they are on all my bikes and I choose the middle strip colour to suit the bike 😆 For me they just fit well, I have a skinny arse and inner thighs and I’ve tried other brands (selle etc.) but the fit just doesn’t suit me. When I buy a new bike it’s the first thing I change, which means I have a few “other” brands sitting in the loft that I really ought to get rid of.. 😆

    A Charge Spoon and erm, a Charge Spoon


    Have 2 bikes with the Gobi XM and delighted with it /them after trying many others over the years including SDG, Spesh BG, Flite’s, San Marco’s etc. I’m not particularly flexible, so according to the Fizik blurb, the Gobi would not be the best option for me, but it have found them comfy.

    Saddles are a personal thing and ideally I’d like to find a try before I buy dealer.

    Have just picked up a Charge Scoop for my next project build cos I wanted to try it and it’s offered with the colour highlights I wanted, so appealed to the tart in me, it was also affordable. Whether it fits my butt is another matter and won’t know that until the bike is built.


    Original Flite, Specialized Prolong from the 90s, a B17, and some budget Trek one.


    Charge spoons all round on my fleet. Can’t beat them for arse comfort and price


    Charge Spoon

    plus one

    Slr’s stripped to shell work for me .. Very easy cleaned and always look good 🙂

    Premier Icon Pridds

    Bel airs on all mine. Favourite saddle of all time was a WTB SST 98. But it died and the bel is still very good


    Got fizik gobis on both my bikes. Get on well with them


    Used to be Flites on everything till they started with the new shape. Now its Fisik Arione on the road and Gobi off. Love they all.


    Charge scoop and fizik aliante gamma xm…the gamma is the comfiest I’ve ever owned.


    I’m using Fizik Gobi’s and all my bikes except my Jones SS which has got a Brooks Swift on it.

    I always use the Gobi’s with the k:ium rails though as I’ve found them to be comfier.

    Charge Spoon here


    x4 Charge Spoons on our bikes. By far the comfiest saddle I’ve ever sat on.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    A Spa Nidd – MTB/commuter with slicks.

    SDG Falon (Spoonish, better padding, no stitching) – MTB.

    San Marco Rolls – Road bike.

    Mongoose own brand thing on the BMX.

    And a few spare – a Bontrager & Specialized that came with new bikes over the years.
    A B17 Narrow, which is having a rest as I like the Rolls on the roadie at the mo.

    SLR T1 – great shape, well made but with a big fat long nose makes them great for steep climbs.

    I’ve tried loads of saddles over the years but, once your butt adapts, SLR’s are much more comfortable for long rides.


    Spoon = cheap and comfy

    looks like charge spoon are the favorites at the mo.so might invest in one of them for my cotic soul to replace a 15 year old flite.
    happy with slr’s on my roadbikes though.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    Was a Bel Air user for years. Now have SLR Flows on my road bike and fs bike (Flow XC on this one), although the single speed I just acquired on eBay has an IBeam Bel Air on it. I think the SLRs are brilliant, and 160g is pretty light too.


    2xCharge Spoon’s
    Not one for each cheek one for each bike. Changed from flight to spoon and never had any probs. both on MTB’s


    Slr’s stripped to shell work for me .. Very easy cleaned and always look good

    My arse agrees with SLR’s not sure how id get on with just the shell’s though. Do you not slide around?

    Ive got a few SLR’s and the leathers ripped on all of them……I might strip one to the shell to give it a try.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Charge Knives, perfect for my case-hardened derriere. And a Ragley one because it was cheap, which tbh feels much the same to me.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    Seven Fizik Aliantes here.

    Premier Icon timmys

    Spoon on two bikes. Scoop on the other. Spoons will probably be replaced with Scoops when they’re knackered.

    Excited to see customisable Scoops are on their way as is currently available for the Spoon.


    SLR flow – amazing saddle, cant believe i put up with Gobi;s for so long.

    SDG Bel Air’s on all my bikes except the roadie (some Selle saddle on that) and another thing of some sort on my DH bike (don’t sit down so it doesn’t matter much)

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