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  • What saddle with a cut out?
  • Specialized Romin works for me.

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    I’ve had the same. Went to evans and got measured across the sitbones, and then recommended a 155mm width (have been happy with Spoons up till now which are about 145)

    I bought the cheapest 155 they had for a try out (Riva road) and did almost 5 hours on it on Saturday with no discomfort to little Jonny at all. So far so good, only thing is that the cover is quite ‘rubbery’ so was getting my shorts caught up a bit more than usual.

    I also bought on a whim a Selle Italia team edition X1 i think it is from CRC

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=106741. This is closer to the Spoon in width, ie: theoretically too narrow for my fat arse*. I’ve only done 90 mins on that so far but so far so good – comfortable for sitting on and also no lower cock pain.

    * While searching for 155mm saddles on the web, happened on an article that said Boonen needs a 155mm saddle too, and he’s not got a fat arse. So nor have I.

    Anyone got a decent white Spesh saddle in 155mm they don’t want?

    Anyone want to make a bid for 2x Charge Spoons in white?

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    G\ot the older version of this Selle Italia

    However I recently took delivery of a Giant Defy 3 – of which the saddle is VERY Charge Spoonalike. I’m going to order another one and sell my Selle Italia if you are interested (its white, done about 500M and £30 to you, but I need a couple of weeks to get the new one.

    Specialized Riva is flipping ace! 🙂

    Came fitted to my Roubaix, 3rd ride on it did 65 miles & hoop was aok.

    Your local Specialized dealer should have a jig to measure your sit bones & get the perfect width.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    I like my Selle SLR Flow


    Been out on the road bike a few times in the last few weeks and noticed my undercarriage feeling a bit uncomfortable on the saddle

    Can anyone recommend and saddle with a cut out?

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