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  • What (road) tyres (really sorry!)
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    Doing coast and castles Sustrans route next weekend
    Berwick-Edinburgh and back, out inland, back along coast
    Taking the cyclocross bike and as its all roads was using slick tyres, but given current rather conditions and forecast not looking like improving much temperature wise I’m wondering if some cross tyres might be better
    Any opinions?


    If it’s just going to be wet then road tyres. If it might be slushy/snowy then cross tyres at a lower pressure might be a bit more confidence inspiring. If it’s icy, you’d be better off walking.


    Continental GP4 seasons are good although not cheap, as are Schwalbe Durano’s and Michelin Pro4 Endurance.

    What width are you looking at using, 23f/25r is a nice combo.

    As raininhat, would keep an eye on the weather, no point in riding if icy, as one off could wreck the rest of the year.


    Used these as winter tyres on my road bike.


    knobbles won’t help much except if you are on actual snow or mud. They don’t give extra grip on tarmac. I’d suggest some fatter slicks. GP4 seasons are the default. 28mm+ width. Run hard they won’t slow you down noticeably and you can let some air out for more grip if required.

    +1 GP4Seasons in 28mm. That’s what I commute on. Best of all the Conti tyres IMO.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Another recommendation for Schwalbe Durano’s here, a superb tyre, and come in 28c and 32c widths too which will be ideal for your CX bike.


    Fooling us into thinking you want road tyres when they’re tyres for a cross bike 👿 .

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