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  • TiRed

    I like Look KEO and have them on my road bikes. My sons have Shimano SPD-SL – I found the Shimano easier to get into so perhaps easier for the beginner, but to be honest, price was the selecting factor for them. I haven’t tried Egg beaters, Time or other fayre, but did ride with normal SPDs for years, mainly because I liked the grip on the shoes to hold up the tandem at stops.

    Clipping into KEOs on a fixed wheel is not for the fainthearted at busy junctions!


    Recently got some road shoes, gone for shimano spd-sl. You can get a set for £20 off ribble. They’re comfy, cheap, seem pretty stiff. I like them.


    Thinking of changing to proper road system for, erm, my road bikes.
    Which is a good, economical pedal and sho combo?


    Going to try some SL jobbies.
    Been getting foot pain after 50 fast miles and have tried everything I can to stay with SPD but seems time to try the proper road platforms.
    Will probably fall over walking to the bike but hey.


    I got some Outland jobbies off Merlin last year, basically Look Keos with sealed cartridge bearings for under £20.

    Nice they are too and a doddle to use


    I used Shimano SPD-SLs for years but always had pain on the outside of my foot. Used Look Keos at a Look bike launch and felt the difference immediately. Will always use Look now (saying that, Shimanos are best sellers for a reason I suppose!).

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    I went for Crank bros Quattro pedals on my road bike – meant I could share shoes with my mtb’s as they use the same cleats.


    Interesting flyingfox. I use SL’s and get sore outsides of my feet. I put it down to badly fitting Spesh BG shoes…

    I find getting into Ultegra SL’s a royal PIA. If the OP is used to double sided MTB pedals, prepare for faffing around to find the ‘right side’ to clip into. The connection is slightly stiffer but that’s probably down to the shoe.


    don’t think you would get any foot pain with those Birkenstock’s…

    Look cleats are made of cheese. They wear badly even just walking to and from your bike at cafe stops.

    As someone above said Shimano sell well for a reason.


    I use Time RXS pedals with Shimano shoes – great combination, works well for me.

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