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  • What road bike for £4.5k (ish)
  • Premier Icon campfreddie
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    I’ve got a 2019 BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc that i love to bits, but it’s becoming quite a bore to pack it up and fly it backwards and forwards between my home in the UK and my winter home in Madeira. I have UK and Madeira mountain bikes (Transition Smuggler and Canyon Strive CF), so my wife (God bless her) is now suggesting that I do the same with road bikes, so it becomes super quick and simply to transit between my two homes.

    I am out here in Madeira at the moment (didn’t really fancy doing a UK winter lockdown, so scarpered in December), so I can either buy in the EU for delivery here and then take one of the bikes back to the UK, or I can order a bike for delivery to the UK to be there when I get back (once the weather gets better in the UK).

    The current top contender is another BMC Teammachine SLR01, but a 2020 model with Di2. From the same French bike shop as supplied my last BMC, I can get it for the equivalent of £4,400. I also have an option on a used (but with a full warranty as bought from a bike shop out here) 2018 S-Works Tarmac SL6 with full Dura Ace di2 etc. The third current contender is a new Ribble Titanium Endurance with Ultegra Di2, but with delivery for end of July. I also quite fancy the Cinelli Nemo Tig Disc but they are out of stock everywhere and it seems the frameset is now pretty old.

    Would really love to build a Colnago C64 Disc, but i reckon that will be at least £7.5k and only ‘if’ I could get the necessary bits together. Wife thinks that is a great idea (again, God bless her), but she really has no concept of money, or what goes into earning it (that is a blue job in our household).

    I can buy in either the UK or Europe so pretty flexible, but it needs to be in stock, needs to be a 56cm (or size large), needs to be disc, di2 (oer AXS) and needs to be a ‘good deal’ (if such a thing still exists).

    Any suggestions?

    Premier Icon tonyg2003
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    A first world problem of the first order! Well done.

    If you get in on really well with you BMC then I’d be tempted to get another. Always the risk with another brand that you just don’t get on with it. Having said that I like Specialised road bikes and the way they ride, plus Ridley too. They always seem to suit me.

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    If you can live with buying used then the Tarmac is a hell of a bike with that level spec, (I also assume it comes with a nice set of wheels).  I’ve just built up a used SL6 (regular not Sworks) and very happy with it.

    Not seen too much in the way of bargains out there,  most bikes are at RRP given the boom.

    Premier Icon campfreddie
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    Yep. Definitely first world challenges, but a challenge nonetheless.

    You are right about the ‘two of the same’ and this does seem pretty logical. I am just trying to get my head around the uplift in bike prices between this year and last year. Price of demand I guess.

    Spending a bit of time scouting out good deals across Europe, but lack of stock is the big issue right now. Even took a look at Moots in the US and then had a stern word with myself.

    I still find it crazy how expensive road bikes are in comparison with mountain bikes. You pay far more for far less.

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    If you can afford a C64 disc I’d go for it – There hasn’t been a duff C series Colnago since they were introduced plus they’re still made in Italy – unlike most of the ‘Italian’ brands. We had one in the shop for a build – it was stunning.

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    Stock will be your problem.
    Colnago, but being realistic you’d be splashing out closer to £8.5k, Campagnolo EPS or SR mech, Bora Ultra 50s, Ceramic Speed parts. No point in a frame like that if you don’t hang serious bling from it.
    Stock is going to be your biggest problem.
    If you were going to be spending more on the Colnago, how about a Specialised Aethos? Way over original budget, but in stock in your size.

    Or still over budget a Supersix Evo Hi-Mod with Dura Ace.

    I doubt I’d get another TeamMachine. I’d personally go for something entirely different.
    I procrastinated for months about my bike purchase. I prefer light bikes, had an aero bike and an endurance bike already so went for a Trek Emonda SLR with a project one paint job. I preferred the look of that to the Aethos, but the Aethos is close to 1kg lighter.
    I guess it depends where you ride, my winter bike is a Domane and an incredibly versatile bike. Takes 33mm knobbly tyres, generally use 30mm tyres and its super comfortable for a road bike. But it’s also heavy.
    This is where your riding priorities come in, I’m 69kgs and ride about 150 miles a week over general flat terrain with at least one steep longer climb per ride, the roads are typically pretty broken, in the wet I wouldn’t dream about using the aero bike on these roads.
    So if it’s going to be wetter weather UK use, I’d want something to take 32mm slicks as a minimum, or possibly a cheaper bike with two sets of wheels.
    If it’s good weather riding only then splash out on the Aethos, especially if the Mrs has given you the all clear.
    A mate has bought a Bowman Weald and gone down the two wheelset option, one for good conditions, 50mm deep with 27mm Challenge Open Tubulars and one with 32mm Bontrager AWS tyres for the horrible days.

    Premier Icon escrs
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    Id go with a 2nd hand, lightly used Colnago C64

    Ive had many a c59 (rim and disc brake) and many a C60 (again rim and disc brake)

    When selling them i always got around the 4.5k mark for them after a year’s use and they were still in great condition

    Take a look at Kingston cycle exchange if you want 2nd hand that has been checked over and comes with a warranty

    Premier Icon oldnpastit
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    Buy a giant plastic bag from wiggle.

    Cycle to airport, remove pedals, turn the bars inward, wheel bike into giant bag, tape up, hand over to oversize baggage.

    When they ask if you deflated the tyres, say yes.

    At other end, reverse the process, cycle from airport to final destination.

    I have done this too many times to count, never had a problem.

    Spend the money you save on a present for your wife 😀

    Premier Icon Haze
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    Use the 4.5k to buy the Colnago frameset, delivered to the UK…build it up slowly over summer ready to take back to Madeira for a life in the sun.

    Premier Icon campfreddie
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    @oldnpastit – I have a CRC bike bag so already do this. As i tend to travel backwards and forwards quite often, it is a real pain taking the bike as it requires check-in baggage and transport from both ends (plus pre-arranging the booking of the bike both ways and hoping that the ground staff don’t stamp on it). being able to hop on and off a plane with just a backpack and be through the airport in minutes is my objective, hence the UK and Madeira bikes.

    – Thank you for that link. I will keep my eyes peeled on that website.

    – I only need ‘summer weather’ bikes as one of the main reasons for wintering in Madeira is that i don’t have to do ‘wet winters’ anymore. I would however like to be able to run 28mm tyres as the roads around the New Forest are pretty buzzy (hence why titanium also appeals).

    Premier Icon pedlad
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    Orbea Orca? Has clearance for wide tyres and mine is proving v comfortable and fast (for me) with some non stock mid-depth wheels on it. Just wondering if being close ish to the Iberian peninsular means they’re a brand you can get hold of locally too?

    Premier Icon razorrazoo
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    @campfreddie – worth putting a call in to Cycle Exchange so they can notify you if anything of interest is due in.  That’s where I picked up my Tarmac frame (they did me a very reasonable PX on my outgoing frameset too).  When I was discussion my options Josh (sales manager) was able to look on the system and see other options that were not yet showing as in stock (and I’ve still not seen come in).  My PX frameset has only just come on sale over a month down the line (after they rebuilt it with new parts to sell as a bike).  They also get ex team bikes, have a few of last years Ineos framesets in at the moment.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    If you gave me £4.5k to spend on a road bike I’d probably get a TCR or Supersix. Not the very top-end frame but Ultegra DI2 and carbon wheels.

    Well, I would have thought that was achievable but have just checked and Cannondale want £5.5k for that spec now. And Giant £5.2k. Sheesh.

    May be cheaper in Euroland though?

    Premier Icon Sandwich
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    Does your UK LBS have an account with Windwave/Importer but no stock of Colnago stuff on the shop-floor? Now is the time to buy last seasons frame as they are usually discounted and some bargains can be had.

    My V2-R frameset was discounted quite handsomely when I bought just over a year ago.

    Premier Icon GHill
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    Loads of bikes in the UK recently went up 15% due to import tariffs etc. I’d be looking to buy within the EU if I was you.

    Premier Icon campfreddie
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    I can get a C-64 Disc frameset (I think) through Swinnerton Cycles for £3,833.. 2020 model and ‘in stock’. Also in my preferred colour way (black with white).

    The next issue would be to build up the bike. Anything less than Dura Ace Di2 is going to be just plain silly on a C-64, so factor this in, plus some ‘proper wheels’ (in x12 thru axle), and I guess I am going to end up somewhere in the £7.5k bracket if I can shop hard enough.

    Still £3k more than I wanted to go, and for a bike that will only be used for a few months of the year by, a fat MAMIL. lol.

    I’ve just fired an email over to the French bike shope that supplied by BMC to see if I can get a better than 25% discount off a Teammachine…. am awaiting their reply…

    Premier Icon escrs
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    I can get a C-64 Disc frameset (I think) through Swinnerton Cycles for £3,833.. 2020 model and ‘in stock’. Also in my preferred colour way (black with white).

    That sounds good, the rest of the bike doesn’t have to be brand new, Kingston Cycle exchange also do parts, i got a full Campag super record mechanical grouset for £800 a few years ago, same goes for wheels

    Here are some pics of my current black and white C60 plus some of the old ones to tempt you


    Premier Icon ElVino
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    I’d probably go with a Rose or Canyon even €3.5K buys you a lot i.e. Reveal Disc with Ultegra Di2 from Rose or the Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0 Di2 from Canyon, upgraded the wheels or move up models to get to your budget. EU delivery has advantages!

    Premier Icon smogmonster
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    Ive recently ordered an Orro Venturi STC – almost bang on £4.5k – full SRAM Force ETap, carbon frame and wheels. Looks great and has some great reviews. Considering the equivalent spec from Giant/SPec etc is closer to £7k its a no brainer in my book.

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