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  • J273

    I currently run Mavic 823 rims with DT swiss 240 hubs ,Run them tubeless with UST tyres and they’ve done me well and reliable.

    Problem is with me being a lightweight i dont really need the the heavy DH ex823 rims and they are overkill for what i use but on the other hand i like the reliability of the rim.

    Ive been using a rear Mavic en521 rear rim with pro 2 hub for a while now as i found one cheap and always liked hope hubs alongside the ex823/240 combo upfront as my rear 240 hub needs a bearing change.

    Ive checked the rim weights the 823’s are 657g and the en521’s are 570g.

    Is it really worth me going for another EN521 rim upfront with the small weight gain as id obviously have to run them with tubes unless i go ghetto tubeless and then sell the 823 rims?

    I also have the option of running non-UST tyres on my current rims to save a little weight.

    Whats everyones opinions ?…Is it worth me buying another pro2/en521 wheel upfront and replace my current rim or stick with the 823 rims and replace the rear 240 bearings?


    I’d have recommended Stan’s flow up until yesterday….

    Premier Icon njee20

    What sort of riding?

    I’d still recommend Stans, Flows being the obvious comparator, or the Arch if you want lighter.


    I ride a mix of everything…Not so much downhill.

    Id rather not buy a complete wheelset tbh.

    As at the minute i have 3 wheels

    Mavic EX823 rims with 240 hubs and been running them fine but the rear bearing need replacing, I have a Mavic EN521 rim with pro 2 hub which ive been using instead of the EX823 rear with it needing new bearings.

    Just unsure on whether to get another EN521/pro 2 hub upfront and replace the EX823’s all-together or just repair the rear 240 hub.

    The only reason really being to save a little weight with the EX823rims being a little weighty….Is the weight save going to be worth it?


    I’ve just got my wheels fitted with Spank Subrosa Evo 30 and they seem fantastic: They build up fairly light, they are are wide enough to not balloon wide tyres, and they look great.

    I know people in Whistler who use them on both their xc bikes and their dh bikes.

    I’ve only had one ride on them so far, but all seems good.

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    Mavic 819’s have been unbelievably reliable for me for the lasy three years. Work with tubeless systems perfectly too. Have no experience of the stan’s rims but I would say the 819’s are an excellent mix of weight and strength.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Just unsure on whether to get another EN521/pro 2 hub upfront and replace the EX823’s all-together or just repair the rear 240 hub.

    So the ‘which rims’ is a red herring, and you actually want to know whether to repair your existing wheels?

    New bearings in a 240 will cost you £20 and take 30 minutes, the only issue is if you need to do the one in the middle, as not that many places have the tool to get the drive ring thingummy out. IME that one rarely needs replacing though.

    When you have a set of nice 240s I’d rebuild them on some lighter rims, if you feel the need. Flows would save a chunk of weight, right where it’s nice to save weight.

    I’d never choose Hope hubs over DT.

    Blue ones.

    The Halos I’ve just laced up for my Surly look fantastic.

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