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  • What ride are you looking forward to after lock down ends
  • Premier Icon ifra

    Looking forward to getting out on the mendips every thursday first of all with the lads, we have had a shocking winter but we have continued to get out every week and it was just starting to get dry. Second is I am supposed to be doing my first ever trip to Coed y brenin middle May but obviously thats in doubt now.

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper

    A ride in the Brecon Beacons just so I can experience wide open spaces again (although everyone else will have the same idea so it’ll be rammed round the honeypots…) and a day at Tidworth/Windhill/Rogate with my riding mates from down south. This the most important one as a few of them are going through crap with the lockdown, one has a boss who is refusing to use the govt scheme and the other is self-employed and is possibly staring into the abyss. If they can get out on the bike socially it’ll be a massive win for all of us.


    @dezb pmsl

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Any of them. But Lakes will be first on the list.

    Premier Icon w00dster

    Girona road riding for me, was going the last weekend of April for a week. Also Calpe for a week in October.
    May not happen this year but trying to think positively.

    Premier Icon andermt

    I know it’s wishful thinking but am booked in Solden in August so fingers crossed

    Still having a job to go back to ,so I can buy nice things for my bikes 😂😂

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk

    Have spent 6 long months recovering from a herniated disc and surgery, and have a brand new gravel bike sitting in the garage with a paltry 50km on the clock so far, so have/had a LOT of plans for this year

    In ascending order of distance

    75km Arrochar Gravel

    105km Glen Coe Gravel

    120km Loch Lomond and Aberfoyle Gravel (seeing a trend yet?)

    5 Day Lochaber and Ardnamurchan Gravel tour

    Will settle for slowly getting strength back on some early AM 1hr solo efforts and some quality time getting to know the rollers and turbo (again…)


    Portimao on the Triumph 765 🙂

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Driving somewhere remote with the mountain bike and spending hours on my own. I’m not entirely sure why I can’t do that now, but I don’t feel comfortable about it so will probably stick to gravel loops from home for the duration, even though I see a lot more people on those than I ever do in the hills. We live in strange times.


    Bunch race or team chaingang. In fact any group ride.

    That and commuting because It would be nice to start my new job at the end of this if it still exists.

    A couple of years back I was going to head to Europe in my van and get a gravity card, a season pass for 21 lesser known bikeparks in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy.

    But then the van failed the MOT (the start of all kinds of woe) and my cryptocurrency bombed.

    Maybe with a bit of luck, one day it will be possible again, if Brexit allows.


    13thfloormonk, great bunch of routes there, mind if I pinch one or two of them for later!?


    Riding my new Whyte e180 I bought I week before I self locked down.

    Premier Icon lightfighter762

    Working and riding on the super DH trail at Carron Valley.

    Premier Icon RichPenny

    Anything with my stepdad, as it’ll (hopefully) mean my Mum and him are ok and have been allowed over from Australia. They were due in September but I’m not confident. Failing that, first ride out with my little girl. Nothing else matters.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Still holding off cancelling our Lake Garda and Italian Alps Trip at the end of June and then Sospel, San Remo and Finale at the end of September.
    Part of me knows it probably won’t happen this year but while its booked I can still dream.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    I won’t care where it is as long as it has hills and rocks – anywhere the new bike will be able to stretch his its legs.

    On the other hand, lockdown means I now don’t need to rush to finish the build on this, as it will be wasted on bimbles down the local woods…

    Premier Icon ads678

    Road ride then pub with one set of mates.

    Mtb ride then pub with another set of mates.

    Anywhere I don’t care, just as long as there are people involved.

    Then maybe a trip to the Alps or Pyrenees in August….

    Simple. With Pa Rider, down the railway cycle trail and around Talacre, maybe along the seafront at Kinmel or along the Clwyd. A pint. He’s 80 this year, and I can’t travel to visit the folks during lockdown. Wouldn’t wish to visit them without a test tbh. High anxiety at the mo, so got the turbo trainer fixed up at home today. Found that it helps massively to tinker with bikes, sheds, cleaning, sorting.

    This Ikigai thing works! 生き甲斐

    After that, looking forward to a (now twice-cancelled) FoD adventure with MTB friends. First the floods, now this. Onwards…

    *colournoise that’s a proper beast 👍🏼👍🏼 In approved grey livery = even betterer 🙂

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Well, I was planning on riding the calmino del norte this year.

    That, basically (but not this year obvs).

    But I’ll need to do some training first (I’m still not properly recovered from my norovirus back in January…)

    Premier Icon blitz

    Morzine last two weeks in August. Booked the chalet end of feb as we stayed there last year and it was great so wanted to get that sorted, but that’s all so far.

    Hoping we can still go. Think it will be touch and go.

    A dawn raid on the Quantocks.

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk

    13thfloormonk, great bunch of routes there, mind if I pinch one or two of them for later!?

    Please do, I might have put a message up on forum to see if anyone wanted to join me anyway.


    I usually ride the Gap in the Brecons in Spring, this week would have been absolutely perfect for it. So likely I will get out there when its possible.


    I did have the West Highland way planned for the beginning of May but thats now on the back burner as hostels are all closed. Its still planned but to be fair any peaks or Lakes ride will do just as long as I come out of this unscathed I dont really care

    Pre-C19 plans were the Highlands post-Easter and late summer several weeks in the Alps.
    Right now i’ll settle with a decently long Highlands trip getting up into Assynt etc for the first time… i hope that’s a realistic proposition for this year sometime!
    ^colournoise – that’s a lovely choice of machine, much approval…


    Some sort of multi-day bikepacking, most likely up and down the Icknield Way and Peddars Way, with a kip on the beach. Or, as the Frontier 300 was cancelled, maybe try and turn any rescheduled Dirty Reiver into more of a multi-day affair.

    Premier Icon Akers

    First ride back in the Hills
    Field of Dreams ;0)

    My beloved Wyre Forest. It becomes a swamp between November and April, so I tend to stay away. With this current spell of spring weather I’m starting to yearn ☹️

    Premier Icon mehr

    Morzine in August for me as well @blitz who have you booked with? I’m with mtbbeds and have heard nothing from them corona related


    Long overdue to do the whole of the South Downs Way – may even bivvy, in order to maximize the experience

    Premier Icon lister

    @mehr and @blitz We too are keeping everything crossed for Morzine in August. 2 weeks of family riding and pizza eating.
    We’re still hoping but know it’s unlikely.


    Sat looking at the mountains of Morzine and Avoriaz, can’t wait to get back out on them once this is all over. It’s like being given your dream toy as a Christmas present and then being told it has to stay in the box. Stay safe everyone, this too shall pass.

    So annoying that the trails are just drying out after a hard winter of slipping and sliding all over the place, getting soaked and SO MUCH MUD ON EVERYTHING.
    And I can’t go out on them.

    Really looking forward to getting my eBike, riding from Glenridding up to the top of Hellvelyn then back down Sticks Pass all in one go as fast as I can.

    Walked it a while back and thought it looked amazing.
    Had to can a planned go at it due to some stupid 100mph wind storm.

    Now I must wait, impatiently.

    Someone in her mid forties, with a gsoh and an interest in cycling and/or sailing. Isn’t the OP using the wrong thread!😏

    Premier Icon blitz


    Just an air bnb. But it worked really well and the owner was great. Managed to sort us with the multipass etc

    Will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen!


    At the moment I’m riding to Herts shore/field of dreams riding a couple of simple lines and riding home just to keep the black dog away


    We’ve got a loop local to us that can get properly sketchy if you’re out playing, so that one probably. Oh, and Choppers, obvs.


    Have two weeks in Lake Garda booked in August – pretty sure it’s not going to happen now.
    Heres a pic from last summer..


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