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  • What replacement rim?
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    I’m currently running DT Swiss XR 4.2D’s however due to as slight mishap about 6 months ago, which I’ve only just become aware of (don’t ask), I’m in the need for a replacement.

    What should I swap it out with? Only criteria is it needs to be –
    32 hole
    At least the same width as the 4.2D (17.8mm inside, 23.6mm outside)
    Reasonably light
    As inexpensive as possible.
    Would prefer something with eyelets.

    Oh yeah, 26″ as well please.

    Any recommendations?

    Premier Icon tomd

    There were some good deals about on WTB i23 and i25 rims when I looked a month or so ago. Meet all your requirements, except not eyeleted.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    Cheers tomd, will have a look.

    Any other suggestions?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    This new Superstar rim?

    I have a wheelset with the DS25 rims (widest version from same range) and they are very nice quality.

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    The Dt Swiss XR400 rim is the direct replacement for the XR4.2D you have £47 on crc. ERD published as 544mm.

    There is a more budget but slightly heavier version of a X430 £30 also crc. ERD published as 545mm.

    Theoretically both should build in as direct replacements to your current rim with the spokes you have.


    This new Superstar rim?


    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    Cheers chaps, plenty to think about there.

    Good to see there’s a direct replacement & those SS rims look good value too.

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