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  • What rear light?
  • tommo999

    Personally, the brightest one available! Exposure make an uber bright one, but it’s expensive.

    For riding unlit country roads?

    rob jackson

    moon shield 60?


    I’m pleased with my Light & Motion Vis 180. (Not cheap, but you get what you pay for). 🙂

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, On-One Pharrt lights are cheap as chips and mega bright.


    Hope District is the best ive seen for lit roads, probably way too bright for dark roads though.


    Moon Comet works a treat, nice height too with the saddle mount.


    Already suggested 2 posts up so deleted my link

    Premier Icon kilo

    Smart lunar is pretty good


    I like my flash.. or flare… which ever one is the red one.

    Then so onee red blinkies attached to bags etc.

    Premier Icon ahwiles


    one flashing, one ‘constant’

    even better, 2 ‘constant’ lights, 1 fixed to your bike, 1 fixed to your back/helmet – the slightly wobbly motion is very eye catching*.

    don’t forget your dorky ankle straps – the up/down motion screams BIKE!.

    respro ones are very good.

    one on your right ankle, one on your right wrist – for signalling.

    (it seems they’re reversible, hi-viz for gloomy half-light, and fully retro-reflective for when it’s dark)

    *our brains just love picking out movement-with-a-pattern:


    Knog Blinder.

    Tiny, very bright, USB chargeable, 4 flash sequences.


    What he said ^^^^^


    fibreflare for me, it’s nowhere near as bright as some but the 360 degree light and it’s size make it very effective IMO. I really don’t see the point in trying to blind car drivers as they come up behind you.


    There’s loads of good ones at the moment.

    I use a Smart Lunar R2 with a wide Cateye 5 LED one (can’t remember it’s name). I use the R2 flashing and the Cateye on constant. Just bought some rechargable batteries too, so i can keep them topped up.

    A mate of mine has one of those Moon Comet lights and they are very bright.

    Another mate has got an Exposure Flare and that’s very bright too.

    As above somewhere, probably best to ride with at least 2 rear lights so you have some redundancy should the batteries in one die. I keep meaning to get some of those reflective bands too for my ankles….

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Just bought myself a Lezyne Zecto Drive Read LED.

    I’m impressed so far. 3 bright LEDs. USB charging. Six flashing modes including a 20 lumen daytime flash.

    I combine it with a Fibre Flare (mounted on my seatstay), which is also excellent, as well as a few rear reflectives.

    (Fibre Flare – not my bike)

    Premier Icon ransos

    I really don’t see the point in trying to blind car drivers as they come up behind you.

    Yup. And you don’t need a very bright light for unlit roads – even the cheapest LEDs are visible from a long distance.


    Hope district user here, if it’s too bright turn it to the lower setting. I’d rather use something that makes sure I’m seen than one which “might” be seen;. Also gives the bonus of one battery running both front and back lights.


    Worth having a look at the SeeSense light on Kickstarter. I’ve backed it.

    I have a FibreFlare that fits nicely on my Camelback and a Smart 1w attached to my seatpost. I think the more light the better – no matter how much you have there’s always someone that doesn’t see you so in my mind more visibility the better.


    I love my Lezyne Femto and before that used a Blackburn Mars 3 which is also very good. I have a Mars 3 in the pack as a spare.


    Cateye TL1100 on the seatpost and fibre flare on the offside seatstay.

    The cateye is great because you have the option of flash and constant in one light and its very bright. I’ve been using a pair for around 5 years and they’ve been faultless.

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