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  • What reading etc for my Grandad's funeral?
  • JEngledow

    I want to offer to do a reading or something at my Grandad’s funeral, but not being very religious I don’t have a clue where to start and what would be appropriate, please help. Thanks.


    The best ones at my grans funeral were just a stream of thought about that persons life and what it meant to the person rather than a reading of a passage.


    It doesn’t have to be religious. My dad was a man of the cloth but he was also a great Tolkein fan so I read out one of Tolkein’s poems at his funeral and left the religious stuff to others. Other non-religious relatives and friends also did secular readings. Talk to the person who’s conducting the service and tell them your position. Any readings, especialy with reference to the deceased’s personal life or interests are always appreciated (within reason ;-)). HTH and sorry for your grandad’s passing.


    ‘Death is nothing at all’ by Canon Henry Scott-Holland?

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    I’ve given a talk at both my Nan and Grandads funeral.

    I spoke about my personal memories of them, what they mean’t to me and also gave examples of funny stories including them.

    My Nan and Grandad were both funny and fun loving people, so it seemed very appropriate to talk through the funny and happy moments.

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    Grandfather always had dogs so read Kipling’s ‘Four Feet’


    My Dad was in the Merchant Navy during and after WW2 and I chose Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar for his funeral.
    A very moving piece and apposite if your Grandad had any connections/love of the sea….also just short enough for me to be able to read it before turning to mush.

    My sympathies for your loss.

    At my dad’s, we all recalled our favourite memories together, all read by my older brother (first born).


    Thanks everyone, I’ll have a chat with my Mum and Grandma today.
    He was a very keen gardener so I might see what I can find along those lines.


    I was actually looking for a specific poem but came across this. It might offer some inspiration


    It doesn’t have to be down beat, the most poignent readings I’ve heard are more a celebration of life than the mourning of death.


    Johnathan livingston seagul

    I heard this at the funeral ceramony for the crew of a RAF Hercules that crashed in scotland

    Fantasic moving piece of literature

    As for music Hymn by Barclay James Harvest

    Go with memories. I was meant to do a reading at my nan’s funeral but was so cut up I couldn’t do it – 10 years ago but still a big regret to me. Think I’d have managed a more natural flow of words rather than trying to do a reading.

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